Get ready for a warm welcome to the athletes. In hosting the 39th Surin Games youth sports competition

Get ready for a warm welcome to the athletes. In hosting the 39th Surin Games youth sports competition

Friday, November 17, 2023 at 2:00 pm in the Sura Wittayakarn School Hall. Surin Province: I am honored to show the potential in organizing national sports competitions. The competition was organized within the qualifying round for Region 3, which represents 37 types of sports. The competition was held in Surin Province for 31 types of sports and I requested assistance from provinces prepared for the field of competition. And equipment to assist in organizing the competition, consisting of: 1. Nakhon Ratchasima Province organizing tennis, soft tennis and cycling competitions in the track and BMX categories 2. Sisaket Province organizing shooting competitions and 3. Buriram Province organize sports competitions

Today, Mr. Vichit Ponthan, Governor of Surin Province, appointed Mr. Chamnan Chwenta, Deputy Governor of Surin Province. The press conference was chaired by a meeting to organize and draw lots for the 39th National Youth Games, Region 3 Representative Selection Round, “Surin Games” and the 6th National Senior Sports Games, Region 3 Representative Selection Round, “Muang Chang Games”, with the Director of the Sports Authority of Thailand Region 3. , representatives of all 19 northeastern provinces, representatives of the 25th Army District Commander, representatives of the Suranari Force Commander, the competition organizing committee and the media attended the event.

Regarding the aspect of preparing for organizing the competition, competitive field and organizing competitions, Surin Province surveyed the competition venue and surveyed the competition equipment. Including the talented staff, there has been an addition and decoration to the field. Missing competitions include beach volleyball. Tacro courts, beach handball courts, etc., including the standard equipment that must be transported to organize the competition.

Aspects of reporting competition results There is a plan to make it equivalent to reporting results at the national level, i.e. real-time and easily accessible reporting of results. Fast and efficient staff ready to report results. Training on the use of the system is being conducted by the Sports Authority of Thailand and preparations are being made to establish a press center at Surin Rajabhat University.

In the medical field, there are levels of intensity in risky sports. To receive an injury from competition prepare first aid from medical personnel. With experience, materials and equipment are prepared, medications are provided for any events that may occur, in addition to creating special channels for athletes. and employees to receive timely treatment

Accommodation of athletes and officials prepared for you in the form of a sport. For convenience in competition and competition areas that cannot be classified as accommodation we try to find accommodation that is closest to the competition field.

Safety and traffic and there was a meeting to discuss and plan operations carefully. Focus on Different Competition Areas and Accommodation Community areas are where people gather together to provide caution in the event of an unexpected event.

Surin Province is ready to welcome athletes, coaches, team managers, referees and officials. Related to both in the northeast and this comes from the central got to travel to Surin Province. Such as the Elephant Village, Ban Ta Klang, Kra Phu Sub-District, Tha Tom District, which is the largest elephant breeding village in the world with more than 300 elephants, Huai Saeng Reservoir. Relaxing and cool atmosphere There are many restaurants. Tha Sawang Silk Weaving Village Silk Center which has the uniqueness of Surin There are many types of silk, such as Hule silk which is nicknamed “the best silk”. “Silk Queen” which has been registered as a national cultural heritage site

To organize the 39th National Youth Games, Zone 3 Representative Selection Round, “Surin Games”, held from December 10 to 20, 2023, and the 6th National Senior Games, Zone 3 Representative Selection Round, “Muang Chang Games” during the day 12 – 18 January 2024


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