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decor!!! The 72nd Miss Universe pageant stage, the Pli Rim round, saw more than 6 million views. Confirming the success under the management of “Anne Jakrabong”

The opening of the afternoon with great grandeur and splendor for the competition stage. Miss Universe for the 72nd timeIt was held in El Salvador under the management of the organization’s new owner “Khun An Chakravong” After her appearance at the ceremony amidst the atmosphere of the crowd, thousands of beauty queens filled the National Stadium, cheering loudly in the warm and welcoming hall.

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For the competitionIntroductory course(Preliminary competition) and National costume tour(National Fashion Show) In the past, it can be said that fans of Miss Thailand and all over the world spoke with the same voice: It was the best show in many years, and the fans who went to cheer for the beauty queen filled the stands.

In addition, the number of views on social media such as YouTube during the preliminary round reached more than 6 million views and ranked first in Twitter trends, which is considered a reinforcement of the success under his management. “Khun An Chakravong” a lot

Regarding the atmosphere of the competition today (November 17, 2023) National costume tour(National Fashion Show) Beautiful women from more than 80 countries with full faces, hair and costumes showing symbols and cultures. Which indicates the uniqueness of that country. Each of the beautiful women presented their outfits with great success. As a representative of Thailand Antonia Bosio Miss Universe Thailand “The One Who Comes in the Costume of the Goddess of the Ayutthaya Kingdom” was inspired by the statue of the “Earth Goddess” during the Ayutthaya period, leaving fans in awe of the blessings that have come so well. There were also beautiful contestants who performed equally well.

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For the final day, which will be held on Sunday, November 19, let us come to cheer and see how wonderful and beautiful the event looks and produces light, color and sound. And be prepared to watch an amazing performance by Grammy Award-winning international singer John Legend, author of the hit song “All of me.” This year, which most beautiful woman in the country will win the crown? Tune in to JKN18 Top News at 7:00 AM live broadcast to watch across the country.

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