Forget the new MacBook Pro, Apple has something better

The competition may be close to standards, but apples Mac laptops It is still desired by consumers. But that shouldn’t blind them to what’s to come later this year. Anyone looking for a MacBook now needs to stop and think, because something better is on their way.

With no new ads this monthThe obvious answer to what hardware to buy would be the 14-inch or 16-inch MacBook Pro computers released in late 2021. These are the latest MacBook designs available, and deliver high levels of performance.

And that, frankly, is part of the problem. Yes, strong benchmark numbers and performance come back, but the average consumer doesn’t need that much power on tap…and remember, that power comes at a significant financial cost. MacBook Pro laptops are pricey enough for those who definitely need power, but for anyone else who needs a good computer to tackle normal day-to-day tasks, it feels overpriced in terms of cost and specs.

What options does that leave? The first is the not-so-entry-friendly MacBook Pro which offers a bit more power for a much more expensive MacBook Air. Honestly, if you need power, you have 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro computers. For everyone else, a MacBook Air should suffice.

But the technology in the MacBook Air is comfortably two years old, and the laptop relied on the older design, lower specs for items like the display and I/O ports, all held back by Apple’s stubborn need to make that ARM-powered Apple. Silicon Macs look just like Intel laptops. It helps reinforce the idea of ​​continuity, but these once-revolutionary MacBooks look tired, old, and ready for replacement.

Fortunately, Apple will do just that. Perhaps it was ambitious that Apple expected to launch a new MacBook Air at its March event; This could have been out of sync with each of macOS’s major release dates, but it’s also out of sync with the MacBook release schedule that’s more popular than ever.

Simply put, October is the month for new MacBooks, just like September is the new time for the iPhone, and March is the time for the desktop collection.

Apple’s new MacBook Air is coming. Expected to be Apple’s first Mac to ship with the next generation M2; The new design language saw larger MacBook Pro models, and two years of experience with ARM-based laptops and desktops fetched into the new design.

There is a network opportunity Apple will add a 15-inch model to the Air line along with the 13-inch model. Apple’s consumer MacBook range may be solid at the moment, but it will improve a lot.

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