Faced with a crisis, Liz Truss refuses to tax energy companies

New British Prime Minister Liz Truss has promised to announce measures on Thursday to deal with the scale of the economic crisis. But he ruled out taxing energy companies during his first fight with the opposition leader.

A day after taking office, he promised MPs on Wednesday that he wanted to tackle the UK’s “challenges” at a “critical time”. He said he would return on Thursday with a plan to tackle energy bills that are already crushing households with inflation above double digits.

No “French” taxation

According to the press, Lis Truss may decide to freeze energy bills – which are expected to increase by 80% from October. Such a project would represent a massive expenditure approaching 200 billion euros.

But the leader hit home during the first session of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s rejection of an exceptional tax on energy companies set to help households.

The truth is that this country will not grow through taxes.

Liz dressBritish Prime Minister

“The money has to come from somewhere,” challenged Labor leader Keir Starmer. “He’s the fourth Conservative prime minister in six years, the face may change but the story remains the same,” he lamented, accusing him of preferring to put the burden of his program on the public purse rather than reaping corporate profits.

“The truth is that this country will not find its way to growth through taxes (…) but by attracting investment, reducing taxes and acting faster,” responded Lise Truss, highlighting the risks of taxation “at the same level as France”.

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