Excited to get back and play football! Selangor announces the release of “Faisal” from the hospital |

Faisal Halim's condition gradually improved. After a criminal attacked him and threw acid at him, he was recently allowed to leave the hospital.

Malaysia national team striker Faisal Halim The Selangor FC player has been allowed to leave the hospital. Because their physical condition improved accordingly after he fell victim to a criminal who threw acid at him until he was seriously injured on May 5, 2024.

The 26-year-old attacker was attacked with acid while walking in a shopping mall with his family. The acid poison caused Faisal Halim to suffer severe burns on the skin of his body. As a result, he had to undergo four surgeries during his treatment.

Many have expressed concern that Faisal Halim may end his football career prematurely. Because he was seriously injured but every sector in Malaysia, including the Football Association, has private hospitals including parent club Selangor. They are all working together to find a way to fully treat Faisal's injuries.

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Faisal's condition gradually improved after surgery to treat his burns. He was discharged from the intensive care unit on May 14 and began talking to his family and close friends. Until recently, Faisal Halim was allowed to leave the hospital. And prepare to enter the next physical rehabilitation process

“The club is pleased to announce that Faisal Halim has been discharged from hospital after undergoing surgery to treat severe fourth-degree acid burns resulting from the assault.

“According to the examination of the specialist doctor, Faisal Halim’s recovery from the serious injury has improved greatly and has passed all the evaluations expected by all parties.”

“The club would like to express its deep gratitude to Dr. Wan Siyazil Rudzayan bin Wan Ahmad Kamal, specialist in the Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, and all the staff at Avicenna Specialist Hospital and Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara for exerting their best efforts to make the right decision.” “Closely caring for and playing an important role in Faisal Halim’s recovery and treatment.”

“We express our deepest gratitude to the Selangor family, state and national leaders, government, private sector, international and local football communities. Including all Malaysians who support us. We pray for our beloved national footballers.”

“At this time, Faisal Halim has entered the next phase of his rehabilitation. The club and Faisal Halim's family ask that his privacy be granted to all parties. And the body's recovery be allowed to be peaceful.”

“Let us come together in prayer for Faisal Halim’s physical recovery and full recovery. We pray that God will bless him and his family and give them strength to get through this difficult time.

“Thank you”

Selangor FC statement

While there is an update on the perpetrator who threw acid on Faisal Halim, the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) is investigating the CCTV footage of the perpetrator. Plans were made to find the perpetrators and take legal action.

but The problem of crimes against Malaysian players continues. Latest At Kosai year Teammate Faisal Halim In Selangor The house has been robbed by a thief. Theft of motorcycles and valuables on 22 maybe past He is the player who 4 Victim of a crime after Good guys Waiting for master (Theft and physical abuse), Faisal Halim (Acid was thrown) And Clear you Wait, hem (Wrecking a car)

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