5 Sports Features on Extra-Large TVs It's like a show battle. European Football Championship 2024

We are back again with one of the important football festivals that many football fans have been waiting for. Like the 2024 European Football Championship, which takes place from June to July 2024, LG is a true leader in home entertainment innovations. We would like to officially support Thai football fans with many features that meet the needs of sports fans found in LG's extra large TVs. Allowing you to cheer on every football match with complete enjoyment. It's like sitting on the edge of the field.

Sharp images from every angle on a very large TV screen

Because one of the fun things about cheering for football is inviting your friends to cheer for your favorite team together. So LG offers innovative extra-large TVs, ranging in size from 75 inches to 97 inches, that come with a wide viewing angle of 180 degrees and provide true 4K picture resolution, which is suitable for an invitation. Friends to join together to cheer on your favorite team during an important championship game to your heart's content. No matter what angle you view it from inside the room.

Full of all the colorful details in the field. With technology Quantum Dot and NanoCell

True color details make you more easy to enjoy your viewing. That's why LG offers QNED TV products powered by Quantum Dot and NanoCell technology, which display bright, realistic colors. It provides a better level of image contrast and thus, it allows you to get the same experience as if you had got a ticket to sit and cheer on your favorite team on the bench.

Report every important match and update the scores in real time with this feature Sports alert

LG Smart TVs also come with important features like sports alert, which helps football fans not to worry about remembering match schedules. Don't miss any important matches. Just set your favorite team. You can receive notifications before the game starts. Reminders of important moments in each match including updating results during matches in real time. It also informs you of the next tour schedule. It is not only football but also covers other sports like basketball, futsal, baseball, American football, etc.

– Simulating a fun cheering atmosphere, such as sitting in the stands. AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro

LG TV innovations come with intelligent technology such as AI Picture Pro and AI Sound Pro that use artificial intelligence technology to help improve the display of images and sound. When the AI ​​detects that you are watching sports content, the image and audio display will automatically adjust to match the sports cheering atmosphere on the field. Thus, you get a viewing experience in sports mode. With loud voices in all directions, it was as if you were in a stadium with hundreds of cheering fans.

No matter how fast you go, you won't miss a moment thanks to the high image refresh rate. 120 Hz

Sports fans of all types don't want their best shots or crucial moments ruined. Because of the problem of jerky or broken images during important moments, most LED TVs on the market usually have an image refresh rate of 60Hz or 60fps. But for LG's Ultra Big TV, it comes with an image refresh rate of up to 120 Hz, ensuring that there is no problem with image delay or interruption, allowing fans to see the important moment when the ball flies into the goal complete with every detail and flows as smoothly as possible. .

LG's Extra Large Smart TV is available in sizes ranging from 75 inches to 97 inches, with a variety of models to choose from including OLED, QNED, NanoCell and Special UHD! From May 15 to July 30, 2024, LG is also organizing a big promotion for the 2024 European Football Championship, where it will reduce the prices of large-screen TVs by up to 40% along with a special offer of 0% installments for up to 10 months, to… Side with the longest TV warranty of 3 years. Shop products at LG dealers nationwide.

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