“Earth Patravee” and “Stamp” invite each other to battle on the single “Who Can Go Ahead (Watch Me!)”

“Earth Patravee” invites Stamp into battle, vying to get ahead on the single “Who Can Get Ahead (Watch Me!)”

Asking for space for people to move forward with new songs. Who can go forward first? (Watch Me!) by artist Earth Patravee or “Earth-Phatravee Srisantisuk” under Muzik Move label after recently releasing a sad song. “I don’t want to see you” is to wave goodbye to a toxic relationship without a care. This song returns with a reminder of the identity of loving yourself more. With a skilled songwriter special singer as Stamp or “Stamp-Apiwat” Euathawornsuk comes from 123 Records (Nung-Song-Sum Records) to contend with both language and melody in a pop genre with an R&B feel for anyone who can’t get going yet.

The beginning of this song was when Earth Phattharavi approached Stamp Apiwat and invited him to make a new song together. He is my role model and someone I have always wanted to work with, which Stamp Apiwat agreed to immediately. Everyone has different ideas. I want to make a duet, but I don’t want to make a love song. So I got the idea from today’s social media world. When two people break up or change status they often make themselves look better through social media to compete to see who can move on first.

As for “Who Can Move On First,” it is the first collaboration between Earth Phatthawee and Stamp Apiwat, both artists who work as singer-songwriters. He is also a producer for many artists. Regarding music, Earth Phattharavi invited “Bung Kawin Siriphatrakhun”, the keyboardist of Stamp Apiwat, to serve as a producer. Who previously worked with Earth Phattharavi on the song “Oh Ka”, on the musical part of the song “Who can move on first” (Watch me!), so it was a matter of sitting down and talking together and just spending 3 hours of Earth Phattharavi’s wish. In Stamp Apiwat he sings an R&B song with a riff and a semitone. It’s like you’re playing a blues guitar and then everyone writes their own part. Without me writing for the other party to sing so it was a battle in terms of language and melody, including the solos, but we wrote it together. Also on the hook

For the music video, desktop images were used to show the story of men and women trying to erase and forget things. It never happened but there is still social media as a channel for the two to see each other’s moves. Make each person think about defeating the other. Who can go forward first? Something special about this music video is seeing Earth-Phattharavi and Stamp-Apiwat competing together on the guitar solo as well.

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