“DJ Nui” doesn’t like “Ann Thongprasom” slaps her in the face, proving that she really played, really slapped. Thank you Internet users for your interest. But I already know the script.

DJ Nui thanks netizens for their concern after posting a clip of Ann Thongprasom slapping her in the face, proving that it was indeed a real slap. He said it was a shock that I already knew her so I wasn’t shocked. Clear everything off the stage, have a great time and reveal the experience of the princess of the hit industry. I respect everyone’s comments. It reflects that society in this era is equal. Standing on the podium I can’t stop working like I’m going crazy.

After the host was in a good mood “DJ Nuy Thanawat Prasitsumphon” Go out and share the clip. “Anne Thongprasom” Show how to play for real, and slap for real, by slapping yourself in the face in a real way. Watch him on Instagram. Willing to add the caption “Not worth wondering about P’Ann actually playing and actually getting slapped. Haha” became a big drama. Because netizens aren’t funny either. Pointing out that it seemed like an act of disrespect and still looks like the use of violence. Although Anne had already gone to apologize to DJ Nui, she only recently (October 16) met DJ Nui. who was the host of the BengBeng Fin Fans Fun event, came out to clarify this issue. He didn’t like anything. However, thanks to everyone who is interested.

“The marks on my face are fine. If that’s the case, thank you to the fans. Who sent in their concerns, including many close seniors who came to say hello when you had a story, thank you very much, but I’ll explain to you that it really is. And it wasn’t There is anything. Everything is explained and finished on the stage there. The story is not that suddenly he will rush in and strike. It’s a story where we asked him if he wanted to know how to actually play, and he slowly told the story. While presenting the story to explain the gameplay, we discovered that it had to have a real chance of connecting. I already know. So I wasn’t shocked at all.

Many people interpret it instead. That expression is not good
“Actually, it can be looked at from many angles. Because as I said it’s cut into a short clip. People can only watch a short clip. And then when the clip starts, it’s a couple, so let’s call the customer first. The clip calls the guests first. Now it might look like this A bit harsh. In fact, we respect everyone’s point of view, and there are those who understand. There are people who do not understand. In fact, there are people who consider it violent, and we understand people’s points of view and respect everyone. People’s opinions It makes us see that really in this era, it doesn’t seem like anyone can do anything for anyone. Equality between people is such that this person cannot be harmed as he grows older. Or more popular than they can do It shows what the opinions of society are. Equality face has fingerprints. Since we bruise easily, we have marks.

He went down to the stage and couldn’t explain things. Because that moment seemed like it had already been made clear and I wasn’t impressed.
“Since Nui and P’Ann have known each other for a very long time. P’Ann is the one who gave Nui the opportunity to be the host of his show. New Year’s Day also has gifts. Call to wish Merry Christmas. “We have seen each other for a long time, and we are Familiarity with each other. Every time I meet Anne, it’s like he’s going to tease you a little, tease you a little. The time had truly come, at that moment, it was as if everything had been made clear. He already knows this is P’Ann. he is playing. It really isn’t. We accept work there. “Then I was able to continue. I asked if I could dodge. I couldn’t dodge in time (laughs).” Knowing that there would be such a thing Ban saw that it was an imprint. He apologized to us. We ourselves were not affected by anything. Because as I said, I can guess the way from the story he presented. There must have been that shot for sure, so I’m not shocked, but if you assume I don’t get the crab, walk in and do it, then let’s talk about it. “But I already know this. There is nothing wrong with P’Ann. They are older siblings who respect and love each other.”

I respect every comment. It reflects that society in this era is equal.
“Don’t tell me I respect every comment. There are people who understand and there are people who don’t understand. But people who see it as a matter of violence we understand and respect that. It reflects that today’s society is egalitarian. All human rights are equal. We respect the decision. But what I want to make clear “It is that there was nothing at that moment.”

After the drama happened, there was no direct line to clear things up. Because nothing reveals the experience of being slapped by a princess in the industry
“Not yet. Noi thought Pan might see that nothing happened there. Noi herself finished the stage and the story was over. We cut the clip. Because of the work we went into, we cut the clips. So I organized the highlights and put them in our clip. This is the highlight What we have in this event. We did not consider it a path to drama. The decision we made shows that we did not think of anything. P’Ann also came to comment and apologize. I forgot that day. We also respond with exciting comments. But I understand everyone’s point of view. Many thanks to those who care about Noe, I understand the different viewpoints. But the person who spoke wanted to say that there was nothing. When asked if this was the first time I had been spanked so badly, it was the first time, it was an experience (laughs), getting slapped by a princess from the entertainment industry was nice (laughs).

Standing on the podium as master of ceremonies he told that he could still be appointed. I will clear the waiting list for you.
“You can rent, don’t think the place is full. If you can’t call me first, I’ll explain it to you (laughs). It’s not difficult. There’s still a queue. Usually, I accept one job a day. I’m afraid I won’t be able to run in time appropriate. But if there is any business that really needs to be run we will find a way to plan what needs to be done. If it is too close, we will reject him. I do not want to accept a job that might cause him problems. “I used to do up to 5 jobs a day, but they included photographing shows and events, but we don’t do that anymore. It was too much, and everything was a rush. I was worried about keeping going and not focusing. I decided to do one job a day, but the clients were They were kind and offered me a job, and every day, the question of salary became more tangible. Work perfectly. Decent for the price paid.”

Workaholic If you stop, you’ll go crazy and get distracted.
on fire. When I stopped, I felt like I was going crazy, and the symptoms were not normal, so I tried it and got distracted, and I realized that I was addicted to work. Friends like to tease me because I don’t work for money. Really work with the content, bring the community too, bring the content too (laughs).”

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