Death toll rises to 6 in second US shooting in 24 hours


AmericaThe second shooting took the death toll to six in 24 hours

The first shooting took place in Detroit and resulted in an extensive manhunt. The suspect has been arrested. In a second Texas shooting, the shooter was shot and killed by police.

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Author of the shooting Three people died and one was injured on Sunday An arrest was made in Detroit, police said in this northern US city, where three people were killed in another shooting in Texas.

Suspect arrested

Detroit, Michigan Police Chief James White told media that the first three victims, two women and a man, were shot in different parts of the city early in the morning. After watching the suspect scan the interior of the cars, a fourth man told him to stop before a gun was pointed at him, the cop explained.

Three of the victims died and one survived, local media reported. Photos of the suspect have been released, and authorities are urging anyone who recognizes him to contact police. The police chief indicated during the press conference that the shooting appeared to be “completely accidental”. One victim was “waiting for the bus, another was walking his dog, another was on the street,” he said.

At 9pm (0110 GMT), Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced that the suspect had been located and arrested. “We have it,” the mayor wrote on Twitter. With “critical information from the community” and “strong support” from law enforcement, the shooter was apprehended without incident, he said.

Another shooting in Texas

On Sunday, authorities in Houston, Texas, reported that three people were shot and killed by someone who first set fire to their home. “This suspect unfortunately (..) set several residences on fire, waited for the residents to come out and opened fire on them,” Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said at a press conference.

Firefighters fighting the blaze must take cover from the shooter at the same time, he said. Police eventually intervened and shot the man dead. According to Houston’s police chief, the shooter recently received an eviction order that “could be a trigger.” Meanwhile, NFL football player Brian Robinson Jr. was shot in the capital Washington, but remains in stable condition, The Washington Post reported.

While lawmakers are reluctant to pass gun control legislation despite being applauded by most Americans, mass shootings continue to occur in the United States.


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