Curve & Contour, the feminine beauty duo that inspired the design of The Treasure of Kyoto Beauty collection.

C for curve and contour

Basic beauty, girls like us should know these two words: Curve & Contour – A body shape that has curves, waist and chest, should be considered a beautiful shape. Exercising to gain abdominal muscles. Reducing the waist to become more concave is an interesting thing! Gene himself does not like to exercise. And I’m not in good shape. But the activity that creates a curve for your body, is good for your health, and is right for Jin is Pilates, which Jin likes to do with guitarist Patinya in a duet class at The Space Bangkok.

Other than that, wearing a corset is something Jin loves to do. Wear it instantly and get a bulging waist. How to sculpt curves like a traditional woman. If the brand Jean is wearing is Cadolle from France (Jean is the 3rd generation owner of the brand that has been making handmade corsets in France in Paris for 8 years, so I have bought several of them.)

As for contouring, I know that very well when applying my makeup. I was scrolling through Instagram and Jen got my face contouring technique from them. com.hudabeauty There are brands I use for self-contouring at home: Fenty, Huda, Hour Glass, when I feel like my face is flat and thin without dimension. Defining the nose and cheeks to create dimension It’s an essential technique for girls like us, who should get to know each other. Before using the filter

But usually if you have to go to work or organize an event, most of the time, Jane doesn’t risk doing her makeup herself. It’s better to have professional contouring and shaping your face for us, many friends will come to consult and ask which makeup artist is good? A short question like this would be very difficult. Because each person’s beauty and kind word are truly different. I think it’s good, someone else might not like it. Our style may not be our friend’s style. Jin usually doesn’t give long answers like this because he doesn’t have much time to explain. But Jin will send the IG of the makeup artist that we used to show to friends. This technician wrote this job for us. This technician composed this work for us. Let the pictures provide the answer for you to use in making your decision. So there are 3 professional makeup artists that Jen really loves. Takkie_w Ptak, Team killer Mr. Team W JoinMakeUp Little Gwen

Matara Fine Jewelry: Treasure the beauty of Kyoto

It is undeniable that the beauty we know most of the time, apart from being smooth and straight lines is orderly, curves, and the freedom of lines that twist and flow smoothly creates a beautiful image or memory. Because the curve is said to be like gentleness. Thus the curve and dimensional shape of a water drop became an important concept in the design of Matara Fine Jewelry: Kyoto Beauty Treasure’s new jewelery collection, which will be launched at 7:09pm Thai time. The droplet shape of liquid gold is inspired by the beauty you see. And study before traveling to Kyoto last September. Especially the hotel where Jin was staying at this time. It is one of the highlights of the trip. Because of Thai brand hotels like Dusit Thani Hotel Dusit Thani Kyoto has just opened, the first day is September 1st.

In just 15 days, Jin and his friends were able to actually go and stay. Every experience at the hotel is magical. In a quiet residential area away from the city, a shopping center is considered a busy tourist destination, and less than 10 minutes away there is a beautiful hotel. New in box and most importantly a luxury hotel brand owned by Thai people. I felt proud from the moment I saw her. The Thai flag is posted outside the hotel. Enter and feel the combined beauty of modern Japan. Which emphasizes simplicity and elegance, it looks good in the decor The combination of straight lines and curves that can be observed in the small details of the interior work, the combination of rock gardens, trees and water in the courtyard that is located in the middle of the hotel (must be checked at this point) and what is indispensable is There is a Thai touch in both the decor and the service, including in regards to the greeting, which involves saying “hello” in Thai from the Japanese staff. With a smile from the moment you check in, you feel at home! Whoever is going to Kyoto soon, Jin recommends it.

The last thing I want to say about my recent trip to Kyoto is the sweets, beautifully packaged snacks, and good green tea because I’m going on this trip. My mother told me not to wander around, baby… Go get some green tea for my mother first! Because it took several days to get to my mother’s usual green tea shop. The day I walked in Kyoto in Gion, I stopped at every shop, stopped at every corner and took pictures everywhere, and when I arrived in Gion Tsujiri, there were a lot of customers. But the sales staff is small and it’s not like 4 years ago (before Covid) where tea leaves were on offer. There is also a chance to try some tea. I received an order from my mother to buy Gyokuro, a high-quality tea leaf, but when it arrived, there were 4 types to choose from, each with 3 deciding factors: umami (mellow taste), astringency (astringency) and sweetness (sweetness). In conclusion, my mother decided Bring all four types.

Pearly to you,

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