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“Krungsri Asset Management”… offers funds for sale KFSINCFX Opportunity to accelerate returns on high-quality debt instruments around the world with time to invest during the period when the interest rate increase is likely to expire First Offer Between Today – October 16, 2023 Minimum Investment 500 pale

Ms. Supaporn Linapangong, Managing Director, Krungsri Asset Management Limited (Krungsri Asset Management Limited) She revealed that “debt bonds” are still one of the most popular assets among investors around the world, even though in the past year 2022 there was a rapid and strong rise in interest rates. Including high inflation. As a result, debt instruments have been under constant pressure. But now, bonds are becoming more attractive as the Federal Reserve’s interest rate increases come to an end. Inflation in developed countries tends to decline from its peak. As a result, yields on many debt instrument groups have risen to attractive levels. In addition, from the current yields from holding debt instruments compared to the period before the interest rate increase at the end of 2021, it can be seen that the “yield” has risen to an attractive level.

(Ms. Supaporn Linabangong)

“Krungsri Asset Management believes that today is a good time to invest in order to achieve good returns from diversifying investments into high-quality debt instruments around the world. Therefore, it has been opened for sale.Krungsri Global Smart Income FX Fund (cvsnfx) It is the investment policy of the flagship fund, PIMCO GIS Income Fund, which is an outstanding fund in many respects, a 5-star Morningstar Rated fund (Source: PIMCO as of July 31, 2023), and managed by a world-class team. A fund manager like PIMCO, which is considered the world’s largest bond fund with the opportunity to achieve attractive returns in the short, medium and long term.

“The highlight of the main fund is that it has diversified its investments into many types of debt instruments around the world. A mix of high-quality and high-yield instruments. Including government debt instruments, private investment grade high-yield bonds, and debt instruments with… Real estate/assets as collateral. The Master Fund uses a flexible strategy to adjust the portfolio. Both in terms of average maturities of debt instruments and the types of debt instruments invested to suit market conditions and changing interest rates. Focus on consistent cash flow from investments as a driver of overall returns. Place importance on risk protection negative compared to other bond funds, which focuses on investing in private sector instruments.”

“The KFSINCFX Fund is divided into two types of investment units: KFSINCFX-A, value-accumulating type. Which will continuously accumulate profits in the portfolio and KFSINCFX-R which redeems investment units automatically (auto-recovery) 4 times a year, giving investors the opportunity to have a cash flow. “Regular cash from the fund. Similar to paying dividends but you don’t have to pay taxes.”

“KFSINCFX Fund is an attractive alternative for investors looking for a source of return in the form of regular income from diversified investments in high quality debt instruments around the world. The point is different from the existing KF-SINC0ME and KF-CSINCOM funds which invest in the same main fund. This is where Both funds have full exchange rate hedging policies.While KFSINCFX does not typically hedge foreign exchange risk, “so it is an option for those who can accept exchange rate risk,” Ms. Supaporn said.

For further inquiries and request for prospectus information, please contact Krungsri Asset Management at 02-657-5757 or www.krungsriasset.com or contact any Bank of Ayodhya branch.

You must understand the characteristics of the product. Conditions of returns and risks before you decide to invest Past performance of mutual funds (it is not a guarantee of future performance)

The Fund hedges foreign exchange risks at the discretion of the Fund Manager. So there is a risk that investors may lose or gain from the exchange rate or get back less than the initial investment. Sort by Morning star It has nothing to do with its classification. AIMC

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