Crime Boss: Rockay City enjoys payday with its first PS5 game

With a cast that includes the likes of Kim Basinger, Chuck Norris, and Michael Madsen, we were hoping for a ’90s-inspired organized crime outing. Crime boss: Rokai City It will be kind of story driven GTA-esque adventure. Unfortunately, the truth is that it is a payday-esque co-op first-person shooter, though there will also be a single-player campaign, according to the press release.

This first gameplay snapshot clearly puts a lot of emphasis on co-op. It begins with a stealth-style sequence, before you and your teammates raid a vault and work together to extract the loot. While it certainly does not seem badWe feel like we’ve played this before: the waves of resistance get stronger as a mission nears its end, and so does the amount of armor they wear.

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