Congress votes to remove McCarthy from his position as Speaker of the House: PPTVHD36

American politics is in serious turmoil after the vote to remove the Speaker of the House of Representatives from office. After the intense conflict within the Republican Party that almost caused a government shutdown, nothing like this had ever happened before in history. American policy, and this will affect domestic policy and the global situation.

The US House of Representatives began considering the proposal to impeach the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the vote came by 216 votes to 210, forcing Kevin McCarthy to resign from his position as Speaker of the House. In conjunction with the announcement of the appointment of Patrick McHenry (Patrick McHenry) as a Republican representative. of North Carolina acting as Speaker of the House of Representatives until a new holder is found for the office

The removal of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives can leave the position, and this requires a majority of representatives, whose total number is 435 seats, of which 221 are for Republicans and 212 for Democrats.

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The Speaker of the US House of Representatives was impeached after helping the government escape the shutdown

Meanwhile, after the impeachment vote was completed, Kevin McCarthy immediately left the meeting. Willing to repeat that he chose to do the right thing. Although it is not easy and will cost you support in Parliament. But he feels fortunate to serve the American people.

Kevin McCarthy is the first Speaker of the House to be voted out of office. An attempt was made to remove McCarthy from office by a small group of Republican lawmakers. A group led by far-right extremist Matt Gaetz

This group of lawmakers is unhappy that McCarthy did not cut the budget enough. The US Congress agreed to pass a short-term budget bill on Sunday. To avoid US government agencies must be temporarily closed

During his nine months in office, Kevin McCarthy had several clashes with colleagues in the far-right party.

This is despite efforts to reconcile with disaffected party colleagues. But the important point was that Kevin McCarthy worked in coordination with Democratic Rep. to push the bill, as did Republican Sen. Matt Gaetz, who accused McCarthy of making secret deals. With President Joe Biden regarding additional aid to Ukraine

However, a law was recently passed by the US Congress at the end of last week, which is allocated in the budget to allow the government to continue its work until November 17, and includes a budget for disaster assistance worth 16 billion US dollars. Requested by President Joe Biden, but there is no budget to help Ukraine

What happened shook American politics. Because the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives is a very important position. Analysts point out that this success in isolating the Speaker of the House of Representatives is also a victory for Donald Trump.

Sean Wilentz, a historical analyst from Princeton University in the United States, said this is the first time that the Speaker of the House of Representatives has been impeached, something that has never happened before. Earlier in the history of the United States there were many problems in choosing the President of the Council. Especially in the 1850s, there would be noises and noises until someone sat down.

As for the success in removing McCarthy leaves the Speaker of the House, this analyst said this is a victory for Donald Trump, and look what happened. It is a coup from Donald Trump who wants to withdraw McCarthy from office

Part of the reason was because McCarthy got in the way, and there were many other reasons.

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