Closed 4 years ago, “Benz Punyaporn” is ready to decorate “Hiso Gap” next year

Make girls all over the country jealous. About the love story of the heroine who is half evil. “Benz Bunyaporn Bulbipat” Which offers high society lovers famous nicknames “Hisu jab witanat watanakon” A famous hotel owner in the Pattaya area and a world-class tennis player, along with the surprise photo of her sitting on one knee to perform in front of the Eiffel Tower, this time the Benz girl would like to talk more about the secret of her performance in the first place through the program. “No Mam’s Table” By host “Noomam Suriwipa” That it all came from a surprising setup was no surprise. I was asked to marry him twice in two different places, and most importantly this love shut him down for 4 whole years.

Closed 4 years ago, “Benz Punyaporn” is ready to decorate “Hiso Gap” next year

I saw that the Paris marriage proposal photo was already pre-posed?
Benz Bunyaporn: Since he’s a calm, direct, calm guy and older than me, he doesn’t like surprises, so he’s the one I picked the ring for because he didn’t want any surprises. The ring will be too tight or too loose if you choose the wrong size. I would feel uncomfortable again and I wouldn’t like it anymore. There will be another problem. He is a straight man and wants us to love what we choose. He said he wanted to surprise us but he would choose something that would never satisfy us again. As for the rings, we actually have two, one to order and one to allow us to wear. I’ll take it with me on another event day.

When will Benz’ wedding take place?
Benz Bunyaporn: It’s next year. Because this year it is not the right time, everyone is busy. We all work and I have a job. Products for mice that need care, so I felt busy, so I told him that it would be next year. Let’s complete this task first because there are still regular items pending.

Aside from not being surprised about the ring, it’s not surprising either. Regarding the place of the marriage proposal?
Benz Bunyaporn: In fact, the photo of him kneeling and proposing was not in Paris. But this was revealed in the media in Paris. Well, we took the photo somewhere else, Wimbledon Tennis Court, England, but it had a little accident so we didn’t use the photo there. Because of the image that was in my mind. It’s his brother’s dream. I want to ask a woman to marry me in a place I love because he is a tennis player. He is a serious athlete and ranks well. On that day, he was wearing a tennis uniform. As for me, I also wear tennis clothes. It will be a match. We will treasure them together in our memories together. There were no problems in the field at all. On that day, he knelt down and proposed marriage. But it’s another field that’s been disconnected because the actual field is crowded. It may be uncomfortable but we chose the place that was most convenient for us. It was my first time going to the stadium there, and it was very beautiful. And thank you so much for coming to see the field on the day of the competition, it was a lot of fun.

What were the events of that day, the first time you knelt down to propose?
Benz Bunyaporn: The truth is we already know. But it’s still exciting. Since Benz is dating his brother, Benz has not posted a photo together for 4 years, they have been together because Benz is the one who wants to give confidence. In the past, he had not opened for 4 years, and since he was an adult and a CEO, he planned everything. The photos on the tennis court will be kept for the day of the event. Many people said that because of the photos in France, why do we feel embarrassed when we look at them? They’ll say we’ve never had a moment like this with our friend before. I’m the type of person that, if my boyfriend doesn’t talk seriously with us about life goals in marriage, I won’t post pictures. This is really the main reason, in the past I never posted pictures of the couple.

How did he meet this person?
Benz Bunyaporn: We met at the launch of the cosmetics brand. I don’t think he was joking or anything. Because we ourselves would actually say that people might think that we are stylish people. He is a calm and calm person. This is not true at all. We are people who talk a lot. He talks a lot, is friendly, and gets along easily with everyone. When he came to say hello, I talked but got nothing. We talked until we were right for each other.

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