By 2040, more Japanese families will live alone than ever before. So, they produced the robot Rumi, which can help relieve loneliness by talking.

It deserves to be a country of innovation. Japan is confident that in the future, people will feel more lonely than before. That’s why we created the robot “Rummy” in the hope of helping people get rid of their loneliness!

A report by Japan Today indicates that by 2040, nearly 40% of Japanese households are expected to live alone. Which is whether for better or worse. But you can be sure that Japanese people will live more freely. At the same time, they also have to deal with the loneliness they face.

That’s why Mixi is helping people prepare for these upcoming challenges by inventing an AI-powered robot called “Rummy.” Rumi joins you in your life through conversation. every day

Romi will forecast the weather, tell you the time, and will also update you on ChatGPT yourself. Plus, Romi is designed to talk about your day. He also responds when you tell your story and sings to you.

The price of this Romy robot is 54,780 yen, or about 13,000 baht, and there are 3 colors to choose from: matte white, pearl pink, and pearl blue.

The AI ​​Romi robot is also collaborating with the Sanrio Hello Kitty brand to produce the Romi robot to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty in 2024. This version of Romi will be a limited edition, meaning it is a special product that will be sold in quantities. Set by Romi with a Hello Kitty theme, only 150 pieces will be produced which customers will only have to pre-order. To own The product will be officially launched on November 1, 2023 at a price of 88,000 yen or approximately 21,000 baht.

In addition to the price of Robot Rummy which is around 21,000 baht, there is also a monthly membership fee that is offered for free during the first 3 months of the promotion for both the regular version and the Hello Kitty version which must be paid monthly at 1,480 yen or 358 baht per month, while the annual fee is 14,800 Yen or approximately 3,580 baht per year.

As for the monthly or annual cost, it is up to the customer to choose. But using the cloud service costs money when Romy hears the owner’s voice. You have to think of words and process them to respond to those words. Also, he must have a memory to store memories. If you want to enjoy various conversations, you will have to pay an additional membership fee.

As for Romy, which comes in this kitty set, she differs from the regular version of Romy by having cat ears, a red bow around her ears, cat whiskers, and a kitty face that appears on the screen. There’s also a collection of Hello Kitty songs included.

For this turkey robot, its dimensions are width 10.6 cm, depth 10.6 cm, height 9.6 cm, made in Japan, the material is polycarbonate. Or a strong and flexible thermoplastic material. The accessories that come with the Romi are an adapter, a Type-C cable, and an installation guide.

source – Japan today, Rumi, Rummy Hello Kitty

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