Rashawinit High School He will not be sent to compete in every competition for one year if one of the school's players kicks an opponent: PPTVHD36

Rashawinit High School has issued an announcement not to field the school's football team. Competition in any program: Each program is for one year if one of the team players engages in inappropriate behavior by kicking an opponent on the field.

From Being in the Social World a clip of the U-14 team was published. From Rachawinit High School who went on to play outside the match against Rachawinit Bangkaew players in the Assetwise Siam Sports Cup football competition, was widely criticized by Rachawinit Mathayom School players. Those who played outside the match, whether by kicking the opponent or puncturing the tire, and after the match ended, the work team came out to respond to the criticism, which led to it being exposed to more criticism. Even eventually having to delete the post.

“Madame Pang” demands 10 million baht to support live broadcast rights and is open to listening to shows

Manchester United fans are angry when the roof of the stadium is like a defensive game for the team.

While the players had to apologize in the end before the school imposed the punishment. They are not permitted to compete in soccer/futsal competitions on behalf of Rashawinet High School for 3 months, soccer for 1 month, and scholarships and items will be deducted from sponsors. Including all prize money

However, photos of Rashawinit High School have emerged. In the competition, which lasted 16 years, they went to kick the rival team, Assumption United, before it turned into a widely criticized clip once again.

Recently, Rachawinet High School issued a ban on the school's football team. Not to enter any competitions for a period of one year from 14 May 2024 onwards following continued “inappropriate” behaviour. It will train morals and ethics – sportsmanship for coaches and players on the team and will also consider reviewing the admission of students with special abilities in the future.

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