Behind the identity of Beyond the Vines, the stylish brand from Singapore. Before launching the flagship store in Thailand

We think today's fashionistas are familiar with the colorful dumpling-shaped bags or soft puffy bags in celebrities' Fit ​​Check videos on social media. Those stylish elements are work Beyond the Vines A lifestyle brand from Singapore founded by a husband and wife duo. Daniel Chiu And Rebecca Ting And they don't just have bags. But there are also other designs. That will enhance everyone's daily life to be more interesting

Most importantly, in 2024, the brand will closely welcome the Thai people by opening a flagship store in Southeast Asia. Of course, L did not miss bringing the founder to talk about the background of the origin of the brand name. Caring about every piece of work including what Thai fans will see.

Q: Tell us the story behind the name “Beyond the Vines”?

Rebecca Ting: “Because we like to drink wine (laughs), we often go to wine stores. I felt like it was a comfortable place. It's an area of ​​hope that we're so excited about. We always talk about why there's no brand that can offer great design and affordable prices. These conversations flow constantly. While we are relaxing (with wine) then we start doing something that doesn't have a brand name yet and then one day the name Beyond the Vines came from the movie The Place Beyond The Pines (the couple's favorite movie).

Rebecca Ting: “After we thought about it, as a brand, we had the power of ‘adaptability’, which was transferred into our designs. This is the case with vines, they are plants that don’t stand out. Not like a rose but it is the most resilient plant. They can survive in “Inclement weather. At the same time, he has to hold on to other things as well. We have found that this is the same thing as us because we have to adapt all the time to changing trends, society and people's habits.” .

Q: What kind of lifestyle is Beyond Vines?

Rebecca Ting: “I think it depends on the basis of our design. We try not to design products to meet the needs of any specific group of people. But the focus is more on the feelings that each person will get from using it. Take a bag for example. We will not just make items to go to the gym.” Sporty in this shape and color, but we will have bags that you can take with you to the gym or to the beach, but we prefer to look at images of designs that enhance a lifestyle rather than being produced for someone's lifestyle A girl carries a bag of dumplings in everyday life, another guy carries him to the gym and then I might carry him to a concert, something like that.

Q: From what I've heard, I think the target audience for the brand is very broad. Is there a way to find a compromise that everyone likes?

Rebecca Ting: “We usually produce a lot of things. About 6-10 designs are put together to test and evaluate, and it takes about 6-8 months to decide what should go into actual production. There may only be 1-3 types that will last. We are trying to understand everything As much as possible, try it yourself for a long time. Most importantly, before everything goes into production, we spend a lot of time trying to understand society. For example, people nowadays are more concerned about their health. So what would they carry every day and what kind of design would they like to wear? “Understanding human behavior from the beginning” and then bringing it to know different trends like Poofy Trend (soft bags).

“The one thing that hasn't changed from day one until today is the goal is to grow the brand to the point where it has good design. It's still accessible. It has to flow through everything we do. How will the item be delivered to the customer? When they receive it and open it, what What should be seen or received? Things like stickers, nice notes, everything should play a role in making a good impression.”

Q: Why did you choose to open a flagship store in Bangkok?

Rebecca Ting: “I think it started as a conversation over dinner one day in 2019, that it was time for us to take Beyond the Vines to the next level. Because even though we are doing well in our region (Singapore), we still want to do more, Like taking BTV into a global brand and that's why we wanted to open the largest store in Southeast Asia in Bangkok.

“As for the question why it should be here? Because Bangkok is a very lively city. It is a place where a lot of people live compared to Singapore. Why not Bangkok? I visited Thailand several times last year with different teams, visiting stores and meeting local partners. I see people's freedom. It makes me feel so Anything can happen here. Including the beauty of Bangkok there is a strong presence in both street food and fine dining. Or the fashion side, which is very affordable, high-end fashion, and most importantly, very friendly people.

Q: How do you prepare to communicate with people in Thailand? Or is there any way to adjust?

Rebecca Ting: “Of course there is always a risk no matter where we start. We view building our brand as building trust. We have spoken with locals before. We have information about the condition of the people there. But this is part of what has already happened. Entering the Thai market is something Very new for us. But it's like starting from everywhere trying to be close to people, build relationships with the world of designers, music, art or even the food industry in this area.

“It's not just that everyone knows what we're doing. But we also have to be able to listen to what everyone wants.”

Rebecca Ting“And the important thing is to pay attention to human nature. Of course, we studied the cultural differences between Thailand and Singapore. Or Thailand and Japan but on the other hand, everyone tries to work hard to pamper themselves. This is human nature. We try to use a combination of these two aspects to liven things up.” .

Q: What is your favorite product?

Rebecca Ting: “The things I like most are things that haven't been produced yet. Maybe it's the same as when people are pregnant. We'll be more excited about what the baby will look like than when they can go out and play. Because we have to live with one item for years. “Produce it.” So what item do you want Thais to know more about? “Honestly, I've been very proud of our dumpling bags since we launched them three years ago and they've gone viral. It creates so many things. It's very important not just for us, but for the entire industry. It shows what kind of nylon bags people use. What is it like to live? Because Many brands are also making nylon bags. You can call it a trend. As a design studio, it feels like we are not just making a bag but it is creating change and expanding the creative space of the industry.

“Most brands try to create unique items.
But the truth is that you can't do it yourself. Because what will tell us what is the premium item is the voice of the consumer.

Q: If not a bag, what do you think is a must-have item for Thais?

Rebecca Ting: “I think there is another element that has strong points and clearly expresses our identity, which is suits. Because when you look at a BTV suit, you can see how we make a piece. Like the way we sew bags. Location of different signs It is very unique. Just like our bag line. We also have other clothing like denim and t-shirts that are easy to wear. But if you're asked what sets Beyond the Vines apart, it has to be the suit. We think it will be another great item in the future.

Q: What can we expect from the store opening in Thailand? ?

Rebecca Ting: “It will be the flagship store in Southeast Asia. We are very excited about it. We are proud to offer everything. We hope to create a store that provides an experience that everyone can enjoy. It is a meeting place. Let everyone come here and enjoy. Feeling relaxed and increasing energy for everyone It comes through the color block style and everything in the store including adding other experiences that you can't find in stores in Singapore.

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