Bangkok still found 13 areas with above-standard PM 2.5 dust levels with an upward trend.

PM 2.5 dust levels across Thailand are at good levels, except for “Bangkok”, where 13 areas exceed the standard and are expected to increase due to closed air.

October 25, 2023, Air Pollution Resolution Center at 7:00 AM The air quality monitoring report is summarized as follows: Overall, PM 2.5 levels in the country are mostly within standard limits. Seen above standards in Bangkok.

  • Northern Area: The overall picture is very good, 4.5-20.5 micrograms/cubic meter.
  • The overall picture in the Northeast is very good, measuring 8.1-18.7 micrograms/cubic meter.
  • The central and western overall picture is good, measuring 12.5-31.9 micrograms/cubic meter.
  • Eastern Zone: The overall picture is very good, 6.7-19.8 micrograms/cubic meter.
  • In the southern part, the overall picture is very good, 6.1-12.4 micrograms/cubic meter.
  • The measuring stations of the Energy Regulatory Commission of Bangkok and surrounding areas, together with the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, exceeded the standard values ​​of 15.5-51.7 micrograms/cubic meter in 16 areas.

Bangkok Air Quality Information Center Summary of PM 2.5 measurement results ranged from 15.5-51.7 micrograms/cubic meter (μg/cubic meter), a lower trend compared to yesterday in the same period. and found to exceed the standard (the standard does not exceed 37.5 micrograms/cubic meter) is at the orange level and begins to impact health in 13 areas, including:

1. Nong Kham District, Junction Next to Police Box, Ma Saroyan Road, Petkasem 81: Value equal to 51.7 micrograms/cubic meter.

2. Bang Ban District, near Bang Ban Market: Value equal to 46.6 micrograms/cubic meter.

3. Bangkok Yai District Tha Pra Intersection Wat Tha Pra Sub-District: Value equal to 43.5 micrograms/cubic meter.

4. Bangkok Noi District In front of Bangkok Noi Railway Police Station: Value equal to 43.4 micrograms/cubic meter.

5. Bang Rak District, next to the police box in front of Bang Rak Lovely Plaza: Value equal to 43.0 micrograms/cubic meter.

6. Dhonpuri District, near bus stand near Mahaisawan Intersection: Value equal to 41.2 micrograms/cubic meter.

7. Khlong San District, in front of the library under King Thaksin Bridge: Value equal to 40.5 micrograms/cubic meter.

8. Padumwan District, in front of Samian Midtown Mall: Value equal to 40.3 micrograms/cubic meter.

9. Wang Thonglang District In front of Esso Gas Station, Soi Lat Phrao 95: Value equal to 38.4 micrograms/cubic meter.

10. Bang Kun Thien District Within Bang Kun Thien District Office: Value equal to 38.2 micrograms/cubic meter.

11. Thonburi in front of King Mongkut University of Technology, Tung Kru District: Value equal to 38.2 micrograms/cubic meter.

12. Sathorn District, Junction Opposite Sathorn District Office. Soi St. Louis Road: Value equal to 38.1 micrograms/cubic meter.

13. Phasi Charoen District, in front of Siam University (around Soi Phetkasem 36) University entrance: Value equal to 38.1 microgram/cubic meter.

However, during 31 Oct – 2 Nov ’23 ventilation was poor. (1 November 2023, except for weak ventilation) which may affect the concentration of fine dust particles (PM) 2.5) High in some areas Also today, 40 percent of Bangkok and surrounding areas have received thunderstorms.

Obtained from Air Pollution Resolution Center in Bangkok

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