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Pre-orders exceed 200,000 pieces.

Band stars!! Music (Ensemble Stars!! Music), the hit music game from Happy Elements, has announced the launch of the game now available for PC. This includes the English version. Meanwhile, pre-orders have already exceeded 200,000 products.

To celebrate the launch, users who log into the PC version of the game at launch will receive 5 three-star cards and will enjoy a special discount on the PC version only.

Star Squad Game!! The music version for PC can be downloaded from the official website. Which supports data sharing with the mobile version of the game or means that players will be able to switch and play this game on every device without interruption. Without having to start playing again making the game easier than ever

On the occasion of the first anniversary of Ensemble Stars!! The English version of Music was released in June 2022, and the official release of the PC version of the game is a special anniversary gift for English-speaking fans. Which if you look at the Twitter of this game it can be seen that this game is very popular in the Asian region. It also captivates the hearts of users from all over the world with its enchanting charm. With one fan of the game revealing that “He himself fell in love with the characters in the game.” When I saw his bright smile, it was as if a sparkling light was turning on. It makes me feel incredibly happy. The more I know him, the more I like him.”

The heartfelt response from these fans has highlighted their emotional connection to the characters in Ensemble Stars!! Music Therefore, expanding the game to the PC version will undoubtedly attract a larger fan base. It will make the relationship between players and their favorite characters in the game stronger than ever.

It’s clear that this release represents a huge step forward for the franchise and its loyal fan base. Amidst expectations for the En Somble Stars match!! More and more music releases for PC

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Band stars!! music ( Band stars!! music) It is a game that has won many prestigious awards. Including the 2021 User’s Choice Game of the Year Award, and the 2021/2022 Best Pick Up & Play Game Award on Google Play. And the Best Global Music Game award at the 2021 Sensor Tower APAC Awards with an innovative 3D gaming scene. With attractive game content created by famous screenwriters. Combined with deep voice acting from over 40 leading voice actors, every detail of the game will immerse players in an amazing experience.

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