Australia strengthens its military by 2040

Australia will continue its military’s “greatest increase” in peacetime. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Thursday that the country would increase its military strength by 30 per cent by 2040.

He told a news conference at a military base in Brisbane that the Australian Defense Forces would be increased to 80,000 by 18,500 troops at a cost of about 38 billion Australian dollars ($ 27 billion, 24.4 billion euros).

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According to Scott Morrison, this is the “highest increase” in security forces in the “Peacetime of Australian History”. According to him, this military reinforcement marks the recognition of his government as “an Indo-Pacific liberal democracy and the threats and environment we face as a nation.”

Resisting China’s growing influence in the Pacific

Australia announced in September that it was acquiring nuclear-powered submarines as part of a new defense alliance between Australia, Britain and the United States and the AUKUS.

Scott Morrison pointed out that part of the new crew will go in support of future submarines.

Australia has indicated its desire to equip these submarines with conventional weapons, and has not yet decided whether to choose a navy based on British or US nuclear submarines.

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Determined to counter China’s growing influence in the Pacific, AUKUS will make Australia the only non-nuclear power with long-range submarines without the need to re-emerge.

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