Australia: Sex worker’s revenge claims family’s life


AustraliaA sex worker’s revenge costs a family their life

A 40-year-old man has been jailed for 13 years for setting fire to a house after meeting a client. A couple and their 19-day-old baby were sleeping upstairs.

Jenny Hayes may be released in 2028.


The Melbourne Supreme Court on Friday sentenced the 48-year-old woman to 13 years in prison. In December 2020, Jenny Hayes pleaded guilty to three counts of causing death after a tragedy. Abe Forrest (19), Inderpal Sohal (28) and their 19-day-old baby Ivy succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning after 40 years. – Old people set their house on fire.

On the evening of December 2, 2020, Inderpal Sohal allowed one of his friends to use a room on the ground floor of his dorm to accommodate sex worker Jenny Hayes. After the meeting, the man paid the 40-year-old man, but an argument broke out between them and he left the spot. The prostitute claims that the man raped her and stole money from her. He sent his client scathing text messages in which he threatened to set the house on fire.

The victim’s family was stunned

After waiting a few minutes in the car, Jenny Hayes came back into the bedroom and set the mattress on fire. He then sent photos of the burning house to his clients. The little family who slept upstairs did not make it. “Three innocent lives were lost because of your actions. Ivy was the most vulnerable of them all,” Judge Elizabeth Hollingworth said during sentencing.

The 40-year-old, who insists he didn’t know there was anyone else inside, will spend at least eight years behind bars before being eligible for parole. The Australian, who has already served two years in prison, will be released in 2027.

The families of the victims expressed their displeasure after the verdict was read ABC. “It’s completely torn us apart. I know no sentence will bring them back to us, but I can’t believe this verdict. I can’t deal,” said Elizabeth Forrest, Abe’s mother. “We feel a little abandoned. After that we couldn’t turn back,” said Alan Forrest, father of the young mother.

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