As the war spreads, Biden pledges to do what must be done. After three American soldiers were attacked and killed

President Biden says he doesn't want war with Iran. But you will do what needs to be done. Responding to the Iran-backed armed group sending a drone to attack three American soldiers in Jordan, causing the situation in the Middle East. “Most dangerous” since 1973

Foreign news agencies reported that the US government, led by President Joe Biden, announced that “the United States will do everything necessary” to “protect American soldiers stationed in the Middle East region.” After 3 soldiers and an American soldier were lost, at least 34 people were injured when an Iranian-backed militia group launched a deadly drone attack on a US military base called “Burj 22” (Tower 22) in Jordan next to the Syrian border. On Sunday, January 28, which was considered a hostile attack that claimed the lives of American soldiers, he was killed for the first time in the Middle East. Since Hamas invaded Israel on October 7, 2023

Lloyd Austin, US Secretary of Defense speaks after his meeting with President Biden, who was informed by the authorities involved in the attack on the US base in Jordan that he and President Biden will do everything necessary. After an attack on military forces in Jordan, the armed group “Iraqi Islamic Resistance Movement” supported by Iran later came out to claim responsibility

John Kirby, spokesman for the US National Security Council, said that the US government does not want war with Iran. Or cause conflicts to expand in the Middle East region, and yet “the United States will do what must be done.”

Meanwhile, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said that the situation in the Middle East has now become the most dangerous. Since at least 1973, Mr. Blinken has said that U.S. response could happen on many levels. It continues periodically

The Biden administration is now under pressure to respond to the attack that killed three American soldiers in Jordan, with the United States unwilling to escalate the war in the Middle East. While the American government is trying to get Hamas to release more than 100 hostages who are still being held since its capture from Israel on October 7.

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