Andrew Callahan’s Channel Five Documentary January 6 Riot Coming to HBO

Andrew Callahanthe 25-year-old Gonzo journalist best known for his documentaries on YouTube Channel 5, is taking his next project to HBO. The company acquired his documentary on the January 6 rebellion, diverse can exclusively reveal.

The documentary will follow the “road RV’s journey across America in the months leading up to the January 6th Capitol Riot.” Callaghan directs and serves as executive producer along A 24. Tim Heedeker and Eric Warheim, from the comedy duo Tim & Eric, are also executive producers. The document is currently untitled and has no release date yet.

Callaghan has become known for his dry sense of humor, quirky interview subjects and documenting his RV travels across the United States, and even internationally. In 2019, he started posting short videos of his interviews on All Gas No Brakes YouTube channel. Some of his most popular videos, which have reached millions of views, included interviews at the viral Area 51 raid in 2019, Flat Earth Conference and Burning Man music festival. During the COVID-19 pandemic and the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, Callaghan’s videos have moved in a more serious, news-heavy direction. He traveled to Minneapolis three days after the killing of George Floyd to cover what followed, documenting protests against masks and other public gatherings in the midst of the pandemic.

In 2021, Callaghan and his team left All Gas No Brakes to start their own YouTube channel, titled Channel 5, which has since amassed over two million subscribers. Under Channel 5, Callahan traveled to Ukraine to cover the Russian invasion, created a one-hour documentary about the trucking caravan of people across the United States and interviewed Jake Angeli, better known as QAnon shaman who is serving a 41-month prison sentence for his role in the 6 Capitol riots January.

His fellow documentary producers include Matt Danes, Jonah Hill, Ali Goodwin (for Strong Baby Productions), Dave Knippon and Janelle Cranking (for Abso Lutely Productions), and Max Benatore.

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