An NHL official was injured out of the ice during Game Three of the series between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricane

An off-ice official was injured during Game Three of the first round of the Stanley Cup Series in Boston on Friday when a glass plate fell on him.

The Bruins were leading the Carolina Hurricanes 3-1 in the second half when fans began banging glass over and over until they landed on the edge of the penalty area. The man immediately fell to the ground and was said to have come out of the cold.

Soon, coaches from both teams came to his aid, and a stretcher was produced to transport the attendant for further medical attention.

The servant regained consciousness and was on the move when he left the ice. The Boston and Carolina players came to check on his condition during the long delay in the game and sent him off with a chorus of taps. The match that was first broadcast stated that his name is Joe Foley.

As the play resumed, Bruins responded with a message to the host.

“Our thoughts are with the NHL off-ice official who has been injured,” Boston wrote on her Twitter account. We send him our best wishes.

It was a physically tough night for others in Boston as well. Prior to the penalty area incident, the referee was violently thrown when a member of the Bruins ice crew hit him with a dustbin during a first-term television layoff.

Carolina Suite Jordan Martinock He also left the match due to a lower body injury and was disqualified from returning.

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