Airdrop makes MacBook notch useful

Most people have outgrown the iPhone screen in one form or another, which is a once controversial design element Introduced with the iPhone X in 2017. But feelings are even more blunt when it comes to the MacBook Pro slot, which only got a file Her class last year. At least until you see how useful it is thanks to a file The app is in development by Ian Keenewhich attempts to turn the missing screen part into a feature that makes AirDropping files easier.

In a video posted on Twitter, the developer explains how the app causes a notch to flicker when a user drags AirDrop-compatible files. The idea is that it can then be dragged and dropped onto the same slit, at which point a traditional AirDrop sharing window opens showing the devices in range that files can be sent to. It’s a neat acronym compared to Apple’s official approachwhich typically involves either opening a file and going to its share menu, Control-clicking the file, or navigating to the dedicated AirDrop section of the Finder.

Keen’s app isn’t publicly available yet, but the developer says it’s hoping to have a limited edition available on TestFlight in the coming days. Although it’s designed to beat notch-equipped MacBooks, it says it should also work on Macs without notches.

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