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After Brexit: Northern Ireland: Brussels takes action against London


The European Commission is not ready to accept that Great Britain is unilaterally correcting the situation in Northern Ireland discussed during Brexit.

Ireland is at the center of tensions between the European Union and Great Britain.

Ireland is at the center of tensions between the European Union and Great Britain.


European Commission takes action on Wednesday in retaliation for launching a unilateral review against London Post-Brexit status Of Northern Ireland: He condemned “violations of international law” and declared violating procedures that would lead to an action before EU justice.

Commissioner in charge The post-Brexit dealMaros Sefcovic, at a press conference, announced the introduction of two new procedures for non-compliance with commodity restrictions and the resumption of the third procedure, which could lead to an appeal before European justice, leading to sanctions or fiscal sanctions.

The European Commissioner explained that the “purpose of these procedures” was to force London to “comply with Northern Irish protocol, which was completed within the framework of the Brexit agreement.” “Acting unilaterally is not constructive. Violation of international agreements is unacceptable, ”said Maros Shefkovic.


The British government submitted its bill to parliament on Monday, calling into question the post-Brexit status of Northern Ireland and the need to reconsider the protocol for months, which Europeans rejected and only agreed to.

The protocol aims to protect the single European market after Brexit, without disturbing the peace between the British province and the Republic of Ireland, a member of the European Union.

To resolve this square of the circle, Boris Johnson’s government agreed that Northern Ireland should be in effect within the European market, establishing a customs border in the Irish Sea with checks and documents. This situation complicates distributions and intimidates the Unionist community, which believes the province’s position within the UK is under threat.


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