40 Senators' “Acceptance of Petition” Focus on Constitutional Court, Attacks Prime Minister: Poison of Dual Power Drags Government to Stumble

The sky is cloudy. Thailand will enter the rainy season from May 20 to receive updates from Jusi Meteorological Center across the region. At the beginning of the season Bangkok and its surrounding areas were immediately flooded. There was a situation where the water stagnated without draining. Several major roads in Chonburi, Rayong and Kanchanaburi provinces have turned into canals, flooding towns.

Repeated problems, same situations lately, lack of management.

Changing rainfall seasons that challenge signs of a “La Nina” phenomenon are set to replace “El Nino” on a day when drought conditions are still worrying in many areas. The world's extreme weather conditions are not suitable.

Thailand is no longer like that. Fighting forces people to be prepared to face a lifestyle that has to adapt to natural fluctuations. Absolutely nothing

No need to rely on management. The status of the government goes up and down. He got involved in politics

The condition of the newly refitted vessel facing relentless tsunami waves. Even after that the earthquakes continued.Setha Tavisin, Prime Minister Mr Press the cabinet adjustment button for reasons to adjust the team's form. Raise the level of slack management to a barge of salt.

But the result turned out to be the opposite. The Pheu Thai government seriously stumbled from the unusual “fallen knot” sign of 3 ministers resigning in succession within a month instead of rushing the ship forward.

The situation is like a shipwreck. Confusion to fill the leak

Mr. Submission of resignation letter, starting from the line of Banpri Pahitanukorn. The Foreign Minister unleashes the mockery of being demoted from the post of Deputy Prime Minister. There is only one minister left. Subsequently, Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mr. Mr. Kritsada Sinaviharana's resignation from the post of Deputy Finance Minister due to his feud with Pichai Sunwajira was a shock, red stamp.

The power of vibration has created government leaders like Mr. Setha and you have to lose your position.

Losing face is enough. The prime minister's chair turned upside down without moving. But with the latest line of thrills at stakeMr. Pichit Soonban A minister in the Prime Minister's office who was forced to submit his resignation letter after sitting for only 24 days

Disconnect the fire to prevent the spread of the hazard according to the evacuation signs.

In the next momentBarnpatch Vichisolsai, President of the Senate Mr Documents signed by the Constitutional Court send the request to a committee of 40 senators asking for a decision. According to the Constitution, Article 170, paragraph three, along with Article 82, the Prime Minister Mr. Setha Tavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Prime Minister's Office Mr. Says Prime Minister of Pichit Soonban. Section 160 (4) and (5) combined with Section 170 (4) separately completed or not?

Mr. Answer no from Setha's case. Mr. Appoint Pichit Answer No. 2 Minister in Prime Minister's Office.

Although you already know or should know Mr. Bichit lacks qualifications or has constitutionally prohibited characteristics. Because Mr. Pichit was previously jailed for 6 months by the Supreme Court for contempt of court.

and has conduct that seriously violates or fails to comply with ethical standards

Flashing red light on plane dangerous fuse “C-4 bomb”

sequence “arrest” Stimulating poison “2 million bags of snacks” Trembling for leaders like Mr. Setha who has been dragged into the circle of the sharp sword of the Constitutional Court

Risk of punishment for violating constitutional and ethical standards.

The new leader was trapped “Old Karma” of “Shin Family's Lawyer.” You are tired and need to exercise. Because Mr. Bichit opened the tap to no avail. Fire cannot be prevented from spreading.

It looks like the fault is already over, showing signs of not being able to reduce the load. According to the decision of the Constitutional Court judges by a margin of 6 to 3 votes, the order was to accept the petition of the group of 40 senators to consider and decide on the issue of removal of the prime minister. Only for Mr Setha

By a majority vote of 5 to 4, Mr. Setha gave the green light that he should not stop performing his duties.

and Mr. Appointed Setha to submit the explanation of the allegation to the Constitutional Court within 15 days from the date of receipt of the copy of the complaint.

Should be thrilling “Prime Minister” Probably won't be able to sleep anymore.

The paranormal “deja vu” is frightening because it repeats itselfSamak Sundaravage, late former Prime Minister Mr Due to a case where a person who was pushed from a chair was hired to cook food for television

A story that shouldn't be a story can still be a story. And then there's the more hair-raising story.

This feeling is like the process of “trying things out” and I still don't feel it. Blame the movement for overturning the prime minister's chair as the signs shouted by Mr. Pichit. A curse that does not break the vicious cycle of revenge.

The opposition reportedly kicked the tire and punctured it. Even though “I'm taking off my own legs”

You know Mr. Pichit's name is on the list from the cabinet itself. “Setha 1” holds “Nai Yai” ticket for reservation of ministerial seat. But it dragged on because loud protests arose throughout the country and the city. About the merits of the “2 million snack bag lawyer”.

Before appearing Cabinet “Chetha 1/1”, hot lawyer “Nai Yai” Holding a ticket as a Prime Minister's Office Minister breaking the waves, breaking down opposition gates, shouting and ignoring threats to be careful is dangerous for the Prime Minister.

Mr. Compare Bai Lick, Kampung Fed MP, Balang campaign camp. The last-minute cabinet should be abandoned because the old criminal case is considered disrespectful about the merits of Mr. Setha hit back. Not certified

Standards Mr. Different from Bichit. Clearly imprisoned but became a minister

The old adage of “thug thug lizard” is still to be heard, but people across the country are still heeding the warnings.

In conclusion, “stubbornness” may proceed from the point of view of appropriate qualities. Mr. Pichit's legal status is enough to go to the temple. But compared to the ugly image of politics, this is unstoppable. When viewed through the eyes of the outside community, it can be seen as a reward.

Reward “Chin Family Lawyer” Who fought with “Bigg Boss” head till he was jailed than any other reason

Provides power “Chan Sang La”

“Illustrious Prime Minister” is a product of old beliefs in the style of “Tao Ke Yai” according to the traditional method of chanting.Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra The former prime minister has created new problems. “Prime Minister” Mr. People like Setha have to face Karma

It undermines your resolve to stay at a brutal checkpoint for 4 years after 8-9 months of administration.

But all these ups and downs of the prime minister alone are a dangerous situation with scandals emerging from the Pew Thai Party's strange formula coalition government.

in the corner “Tao Ke Yai” Maybe not too intimidated. Because it has been mastered

Political situation “caught in the wound” to the brand “Thaksin” It doesn't matter. If by chance the situation is not bad, it will generally affect the society severely.

The toxic problem of snack bags is a recurring crisis, threatening to drag the Thai economy into a deep abyss from which it cannot recover.

According to data from the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDB), a study on economic growth in the first quarter of 2024, Thailand's GDP is at 1.5 percent, the lowest among ASEAN leaders, with Vietnam at 1.5 percent. 11 Malaysia 4.2 percent, Singapore 2.7 percent and Indonesia 1.7 percent, only Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

Signs that cannot sit idly by like Mr. Seth should make announcements across the country during the tour. Visits France, Italy and Japan and lines up to convene first emergency meeting of economy ministers on Monday 27 May

GDP numbers are ticking. No matter how I go around it just doesn't work. The economic situation contrasts with the shape of the Pheu Thai Party government, which says their flagship digital wallet worth 10,000 baht is still worth 400 baht and the cost of energy, diesel and electricity.

The only remaining “selling point” is a problem. People don't trust their gut.

“Leaders in position” should stimulate the management form. Restoring investor and consumer confidence. Signs to make economy speed: Main engine stops and shuts down. We can only rely on the tourism sector which is an export sector and has fluctuating seasons.

The economy fell into the abyss. Linked to politics “Caught in an Illusion”

In a complicated power situation, the power of “Chan Sang La” hangs over the Government House. An event that only outsiders should talk about. Not even government insiders or Phew Thai Party porters can tell the difference between “2-3 Prime Ministers”.

Who has the real power? Which signal should I listen for?

And then it was “Prime Minister” It does that “Prime Minister” Risk of reversal must be taken. The rule hangs in the Constitutional Court from the position. “Lawyer Pie Snacks 2 Million” Become a minister

Dragging economic confidence Mr. Undermining Chetah's political security position wobbles in the leader's chair as rhythms ripple through the loosely knit coalition government. There is hope of serious confusion.

The sharp-shooting game is linked to the “Langkawi deal”.

The dual power situation has left the government reeling.

“Political Team”

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