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Canadian authorities announced Saturday that four people have been killed in the eastern part of the country in violent storms that have left nearly 900,000 homes powerless in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

Ontario police have recorded on Twitter three deaths and several injuries as victims of a violent summer storm.

One person was killed when a tree fell on a trailer at around midnight in Brand County, south of Toronto, Ontario State Police said on Twitter.

In the same area, minutes later, a woman over the age of 70 who was walking in the storm was crushed by a tree, according to the same source.

Electrical interruptions

Further north, in the federal capital, Ottawa, one person was killed by thunderstorms, but local police declined to give further details during a news conference.

A fourth person, a 50-year-old woman whose boat capsized in a storm, has drowned in a river separating Ottawa from its Quebec suburb of Catino, according to reports gathered by Radio-Canada from local police.

In addition, nearly 900,000 homes in eastern Canada were without electricity Saturday evening: about 340,000 in Ontario and nearly 535,000 in Quebec, according to online accounts from local energy providers. , Hydro One and Hydro-Quebec.

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