Zepp Health launches Amazfit Balance, a new smartwatch. With features powered by the power of artificial intelligence

Amazfit The leading global smart wearable brand from Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), a leading health technology company. Today it announced the Amazfit Balance smartwatch, which is designed to help people achieve the ultimate balance between life, work and wellbeing.

By bringing the smart watch family Amazfit GTR and GTS For the brand to expand on the cutting-edge technology and features that make these models a hit with users around the world. It has been optimized using the artificial intelligence system developed by Sepp Health to become the new flagship watch in the Amazfit lifestyle series.

New features

  • Analyzing mental and physical readiness including measuring body composition helps to understand the body and mind more comprehensively.
  • An AI-powered sleep and relaxation guidance tool powered by Zepp Aura.
  • Try Chat AI Fitness & Sleep Coaching for free before you sign up.
  • Zepp OS 3.0 is enhanced with a richer ecosystem of apps with themes related to health, work and relaxation

Sepp Health developed Amazfit Balance with a strong focus on holistic health. A combination of different features and this allows for a deeper understanding of both the body and mind. In addition to incorporating a dual LED biometric optical sensor and the upgraded 8PD BioTracker™ 5.0 PPG, Amazfit Balance also offers a function that assesses equally important indicators of psychological well-being.

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One of them is the standby feature that tells you the score in each round. morning so that users can understand how specific sleep indicators can affect their mental and physical state. As they strive to achieve the right balance between activity and recovery.

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Users can also understand their availability further by viewing availability insights. Built on a knowledge base developed by a team of experts including Dr. Lisa Meltzer, a licensed clinical psychologist and board-certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist with the American Board of Sleep Medicine, these insights are accessible.

With a subscription to Zepp Aura, Zepp Health’s AI-powered relaxation and wellness service delivers audio clips for sleep, relaxation, meditation and more that intelligently adjust the volume played, based on biometric readings determined by the user’s Amazfit smartwatch.

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Moreover Zeb ora There’s also a detailed sleep report and expert recommendations, along with an AI sleep assistant that works similarly to the recently launched Zepp Coach™ AI Chat feature.


The Amazfit Balance smartwatch also brings an added dimension to health tracking with a new body composition measurement feature. This allows users to measure their body fat percentage. Skeletal muscle, muscle, water, bone mass, protein, BMI and basal metabolism from wearing a smart watch. The information displayed comes from the user’s upper body only.

However, when combined with… Amazfit body composition analysis mat This measures the same as the lower part of the user’s body. It will allow Amazfit Balance users to understand their entire body composition more accurately.

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“We are very excited to launch AMazvet balance A smart watch that integrates health, exercise and advanced lifestyle features perfectly combined to help people find the perfect balance between life, work and luxury.

Mr. Wang Huang, Chairman and CEO of Zepp Health “With advanced features like Zepp Pay and Zepp Aura, we are redefining the possibilities of wearable technology,” he said. In collaboration with Mastercard and Curve, we are very excited to bring Amazfit Balance to a wider audience. “To encourage them to live healthier, more connected lives.”

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smart watch Amazfit scale Price 8990 baht Available online at Zepp official store, Dotlife / Banana / JIB / PowerBuy / B2S / IT City / N-Smart / Morefun stores and technology product area stores of major department stores.

Additional information you can visit at www.amazfit.com/en

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