Yui has several relatives who moved after someone reported her for borrowing 300,000 baht but has not paid it back yet (clip)

Previously it was a hot topic. When a fan reported the matter to the Phra Phuthapat District Police Station, Saraburi District, for the prosecution of a young country singer. The country singer allegedly borrowed money and did not return it a total of 112 times, amounting to more than 300,000 baht, and was also banned from all communication channels.

Latest Yue has many relatives. A country singer who was linked to such a hot issue. You first move by posting an audio clip of a conversation with the other party. A message explaining this stated: “2/3/67, a complete 15-minute clip, cut from the time of the meeting!!

Peace be upon you. From the news that happened, Yui has not yet come out due to having a bad case of the flu after the group opened on February 18. Yui didn't calm down.

Before the opening ceremony, Yui also informed the other party of the situation throughout the appointment to discuss. Does it match what was presented in the news? The next appointment was postponed by two days because there was an event in Chanthaburi next to it. But a date has already been set for it, on February 18th.

The cold, hoarse voice will disappear first. Saying that now is annoying. I'd like to hear both sides in the small details, if I'm wrong, you'll say it's wrong. Yui accepts the apology and makes amends. The story has an origin. But there must be a good reason.

As for mediation, it was mediation from the beginning. This post is dedicated to those who have loved and believed in supporting Yui since she was little. I was a little more worried at ease. Good adults always take care of Yui. #People who hate you don't love you, don't waste your time. Thank you very much”

With friends and fans who knew about the upcoming news to offer support. Some came to confirm that on February 18, Yue was really sick. There are those who said that they hope things will be resolved and end well. If you actually borrowed money and then paid it back, all your problems would be solved, etc.

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