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Each iteration of the Game Boy brought something new to the table. The original made you feel like you had a real NES on the go; Game Boy Color provided 32,000 colors for Nintendo handheld games; And the Game Boy Advance improved on both, combining great (at the time) graphics with a new aspect ratio and shoulder buttons to launch.

However, there was no perfect device. One of the main issues for many players was the lack of a backlit screen. Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance omit this option, which means that games must be displayed under an external light source in order to enjoy them. Until then, it wasn’t perfect, and it certainly wasn’t the way most of us wanted to play it. The only companies she seemed to like were third-party companies, because they committed murder on Game Boy light accessories.

Nintendo’s mobile games wouldn’t have their own light source until Game Boy Advance SP, but even that came with some complications. Nintendo originally released the SP with a front-lit screen, which was miles Better than the monitors on other Game Boys, but it didn’t look as nice as the backlight option they later introduced with the AGS-101.

But I digress. Backlighting may be the Game Boys’ biggest problem, but there’s plenty of room for improvement in 2022. You I know These built-in speakers don’t hold up, and the lack of rechargeable batteries means you’ll be searching your house up and down for AA batteries when that red light flashes.

Gamers might not be interested, but there is a way to enjoy these old mobile devices to their fullest potential. Enter the world of Game Boy modding. As long as you have an original Game Boy motherboard, you can modify your console to look the way you want it to. buy cases of completely different colors than those Nintendo ever offered; Added illuminated buttons for easy playing in the dark; Upgrade the sound chip to jam to a cool 8.16-32-bit soundtrack.

More importantly, in my opinion, is the replacement of the horrible old screen with a high-quality backlight option. Modernists enjoy working on all Game Boys models, even the Advance SP with its bright screen. There is something great about the customization suite, as well as the quality of life improvements that come with these mods.

The Retro Future was my first entry into the world of Game Boy mods. Color combinations aren’t my cup of tea, but I was more in love with the idea of ​​choosing your Game Boy Advance colors in the first place. This is one video He sent me down the rabbit hole of a Game Boy mod, and he might do the same for you.

As you can see from The Retro Future video, mods can get technically complicated, requiring a soldering iron (and with it knowing how to solder). While there are a lot of mods that need soldering, there are others that don’t. Installing a new backlit IPS panel, for example, is possible without any soldering work. However, skipping this process means that you will not be able to control the brightness of the screen.

To get a full mod experience, you’ll need to know how to solder. Screen control, rechargeable batteries, sound upgrade, etc. me I don’t know how to solder, so I can’t give advice in this area. However, a screen replacement might be all you need to greatly improve your enjoyment of your Game Boy. While the backlit screen is an obvious upgrade for the OG Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advances, you may also want to upgrade your SP if you don’t have a Model 101.

This does not count It has a great video showing how the original SP can be modified to fit a great new screen. Plus, due to their SP scratch, they replaced the casing with a cool clear option. I know I could assemble this mod myself, but honestly, I’d pay good money to buy it pre-built.

You should note, if you’re not planning to replace your Game Boy case, you’ll need to trim some plastic around the edges of the screen cover, to fit the slightly larger screen you’re adding. The guide you refer to will walk you through this process if necessary, but it can be a tricky process to get it right. As such, you will see that depositors recommend purchasing pre-made shells. Unless you’re dedicated to the retro look, you might want to consider this path.

Now, apart from the excellent YouTube videos, there are other places to look to get started. retro modding It is definitely the best site to check out, as it has all the parts you need to get started on one of these mod projects. they even have lessons pageguides you through the different steps needed for specific modifications. iFixit also has tools for use in modification, Including soldering station If you are interested in more complex modifications.

Of course, you don’t have to go into mods to find a better Game Boy experience. For $220, you can Pick up an analog pocketWith a crystal-clear backlit screen, great sound, and the ability to connect to your TV, all in one Amazing the design.

However, there is a reason why Game Boy mods for the community do: It’s fun to play around with technology and make your own thing. Nintendo may never have offered the transparent Game Boy Advance with illuminated buttons and a backlit display, but you can assemble it yourself.

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