Yili Group has received two IDF Dairy Innovation Awards.

The winners of the IDF Dairy Innovation Awards were announced at the 2023 World Dairy Summit, taking place October 16-19 in Chicago. Yili Group is the only global dairy company to have won two IDF Dairy Innovation Awards, and these awards recognize Yili’s outstanding achievements in dairy innovation. And sustainability.

Yili’s campaign “Declaring Your Love for the Earth through Actions – Environmentally Sustainable Packaging Without Ink SATINE” (Declaring Your Love for the Earth through Actions – Environmentally Sustainable Packaging SATINE Without Ink or Printing) received the “Innovation in Sustainable Packaging” Award (Innovation in Packaging sustainable). Each campaign box is designed to be all white without the usual ink printing. Instead, only important product details are laser printed. Cover made of sugarcane Thanks to the outer carton made from recycled milk containers, Yili is able to reduce plastic use by about 260 kg for every 100,000 outer cartons produced, which can significantly reduce raw material consumption and help Yili lead the way in the development of the industry. Sustainable Milk Mr. Richard Walton ( Richard Walton, one of the award judges, said: “The innovation and sustainability that Yili is bringing to the market today is truly impressive. Especially since the packaging not only looks beautiful without using ink. But it can also be recycled. Very impressive.” “

In addition, Yili’s “Ambient Cheese Lollipop” also succeeded in winning awards. “Innovation in developing new products with emphasis on food safety and consumer nutrition” (Innovation in developing new products with emphasis on food safety and consumer nutrition), Yili launched a new type of children’s cheese lollipop with the addition of bivy. -99 (bifidobacteriumlactis BL-99) in the product. This allows the cheese popsicles to be stored at room temperature. This is a major achievement because it does not require selling temperature-controlled transportation or refrigeration on the market. Mr Richard Walton added: “Room temperature cheese popsicles are an amazing idea that I had never thought of before. They are so good and make nutrition more accessible to people. This non-refrigeration innovation is great because you can now bring the benefits of milk and even probiotics to areas where they were not available.” in it before.

Yili’s continued success in innovation is supported by Yili’s global innovation network. To date, the company has established 15 innovation centers around the world and works with health food R&D partners. Yili has also cooperated in innovation with overseas colleges and universities. Scientific research institutes and partners such as the International Life Sciences Institute, universities, the Wakingen Research Center and in the Netherlands, Lincoln University in New Zealand, the Technical University of Munich in Germany, and the University of Cambridge. In the UK including Chinese higher education institutions such as Peking University, China Agricultural University, Sichuan University. and Jiangnan University The goal of all these partnerships is to pool dairy innovation-related knowledge from around the world and facilitate innovative collaboration across the dairy industry chain.

Yili has always adhered to a consumer-centric approach. The company pioneers new technologies to gain an advantage over competitors. Our goal is to create healthy products for people of all ages, all occasions, and all stages of life.

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Source: PR Newswire/InfoQuest

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