Yagurt Netchat is shocked by PK's comment and I haven't seen him for a long time. But I prefer not to answer.

'Yogurt NetChat He was shocked by PK's comment as he hadn't seen him in a long time. But I prefer not to answer. He revealed that he felt less worried about him.

This girl is beautiful, single, and really strong for a single redshirt girl. Yogurt – Natasha Bunprachum Now my heart is 100% free and the work is very heavy. There are updated works for fans to follow all the time. She recently won the Popular Girl of the Year award at the 2024 KAZZ Awards

Yagurt Netchat is shocked by PK's comment and I haven't seen him for a long time. But I prefer not to answer.

Latest (May 26) Yogurt At this event, the Romrawen Clinic launched the Oligio facelift. He gave an interview to the media. Willing to be open to feedback. PK Enter, comment and compliment yourself on how beautiful you are.

Is there still a chance to talk to PK?
I haven't talked much lately. We haven't talked for a while. But if we talk, we are talking about business and dogs.

In addition to happiness, are you anxious? Because he himself was considered too hasty in this matter?
In fact, I'm more worried about him. I feel like he has someone okay to take care of, named Yu, so I don't have to worry about him. You'd better worry about yourself.

When you see his news?
I will seriously say that there are some things that affect my feelings. But overall I would say I'm really happy for him too. If he finds his happiness

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How do you deal with yourself?
Friends, friends trying to talk to me. Stay with us Friends will always send you good energy.

PK, come comment and compliment us on Facebook?

Are you shocked?
I was a little shocked because I haven't seen him comment in a long time.

He can't stand our beauty?
I don't know, I have to ask him myself.

Does not answer?
It's better not to respond.

In my heart, I already think I'm beautiful?
It's the same fabric (laughs).

Thank you : One fun day

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