Xi Jinping Sanctified: Kremlin Praises “Strengthening China”.

At the end of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, With this, Xi Jinping has extended his tenure as the country’s leader to an unprecedented extentTwo reactions were not lacking: Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un both greeted the development with enthusiasm on Sunday.

The Russian president replied that these results “fully confirm your high political authority and the unity of the party you lead.” Vladimir Putin also says he is interested in building a “global partnership” with Xi Jinping’s China, according to the Kremlin’s official website.

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Partnership “Without Limits”

Before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began on February 24, Russian and Chinese leaders signed an “unlimited” partnership agreement between the two countries. Since then, China has refused to condemn Russia in international forums. Like Moscow, it denies the existence of a “war” being waged against Ukraine. However, Beijing has shown some reluctance, particularly over questions of Russian annexation of Ukrainian territories and the threat, branded on several occasions by Vladimir Putin, to use nuclear weapons.

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Thus, last month, Vladimir Putin admitted that he understood the “questions and concerns” that Xi Jinping shared with him about the situation in Ukraine. A public recognition struck by its uniqueness at the time.

China has not joined the international sanctions imposed on Russia, but it has not pursued a possible arms supply to the Russian military. In terms of economic cooperation, both countries have expressed a desire to stop paying for their future hydrocarbon contracts in dollars in favor of yuan or roubles.

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On Sunday, the Russian president said he was confident that Xi Jinping’s renewal as party leader would “strengthen China’s position on the international stage.” He praised the “comprehensive domestic investment and development plans” spearheaded or promised by the Chinese leader.

Another congratulatory message came from North Korea, a country completely isolated from the world. Its leader, Kim Jong Un, sent his “best wishes” to the Chinese leader. On the fringes of the Chinese Communist Party Congress, combined with rising tensions related to North Korea’s missile launches and new prospects, the North Korean leader has already launched last week’s congratulations. Nuclear tests. Xi said he was keen to “contribute to providing greater happiness and joy to both peoples” by safeguarding “peace and stability”.

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