Wiretapping trial: Nicolas Sarkozy acquitted

It has already been a good hour since the three judges of the Paris Court of Appeal, two representatives of the prosecution and the defense lawyers, faced with the interpretation of a paragraph since the bismuth line was knocked down, Thanks to this hidden line, lawyer Thierry Herzog thought he could speak discreetly with his client Nicolas Sarkozy. This Wednesday, December 7, is about the moment Thierry Herzog announces to Nicolas Sarkozy. “Friend Gilbert [Azibert] » “There is access to comment, which will never be published by the reporter” The Criminal Chamber of the Court of Cassation will soon decide the fate of the former president’s diaries seized within the framework of the Bettencourt affair. “You know there is work! », The lawyer comments, proud and happy to bring good news to his client.

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This is “Notification”, whose Gilbert Azibert, thanks to his personal skills with his colleagues in court, was one of the elements of the alleged “corruption deal” against the three defendants. The prosecution clings to it, the defense wants to dismiss it, and between the two, the court wonders. So we struggle. This is “Notification” He is a “Notification” ? Wouldn’t it be a “Report”, What is not shrouded in secrecy? We repeat each sentence of the intercepted conversations. The defense says there is evidence that this is just a question “Report”. The government opposes this “I” A little further on, it will actually establish the popular “opinion” on the contrary.

As for Nicolas Sarkozy, his wiretaps show that he clearly does not understand any of the mysteries of criminal procedure, does he know how to access classified information? Does this exclamation point translate to his happiness? This comma, his hesitation? We have to look at this “Hmm, good.”Indifference, incomprehension or a satisfied expression of success?

“I don’t need a teacher”

At the helm, the former president quietly listens to explanations given by the flock of black robes surrounding him. Only his shoulder movements reflected his impatience. Suddenly, he couldn’t take it anymore and reached for the microphone.

“Thank you to my lawyers, I guess that’s all I can say. Madam and Sir Lawyers think I have revealed it. good I don’t need a teacher. Allow me to explain myself. This shows that the court cannot decide a crime based on telephone conversations. They are only additional evidence. Not evidence. No object element. Nothing can incriminate me. I am trying to help the court because it is my interest. Here, it’s like I asked, I didn’t say, I heard. »

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