Whoever is strong will survive. Yod Phupha restores faith with Soner Zen and Rak and exchanges anger with Nicholas in ONE Lumpini 63.

ONE is committed to serving the business through live broadcast to martial arts fans in more than 190 countries around the world. On a weekly basis on Friday, May 17, ONE Lumpini Battle 63 is still packed with a total of 12 pairs of fighters, ready to fight for victory in the legendary Lumpini boxing arena. The first pair starts at 7:30 p.m.

The main match of the show Yodphupha Wiman Air, a 20-year-old hard-hitting fighter from Chaiyaphum, has the opportunity to come back and prove himself once again. After stumbling and losing 3 fights in a row, he will have to meet Soner Zen, a dangerous 27-year-old Turkish boxer under the rules of Muay Thai. Bantamweight (135-145 lbs)

As for Yud Vova, he is in a position with his back to the wall. After stumbling and losing 3 consecutive fights, the first season holder of the Road To ONE Thailand Championship is ready to give everything he has and wants to win. To maintain the chance of continuing on the global competition stage by having to break the “Soner Zen” checkpoint that is equally hungry for victory points. After the final battle, he was defeated by Rambo Lake Chor. Ajalaboon, Yod Phupha's campmate.

Sanphet vs Nueng Ubon

While the second pair, Sanphet Sor Salachep, a 24-year-old skilled boxer from Nong Khai, has a chance to win two fights in a row, as he takes on Ai Nom Salatan, 20-year-old Noang Ubon Wan of Om MBK. . A year-old boxer from Nakhon Ratchasima. Thailand champion, 130 lbs category, who will be making his debut. In Muay Thai rules, the maximum weight (catch weight) is 130 pounds.

“Sanphet” debuted in his first fight in ONE Lumpini beating an experienced top heavyweight like “Yodkritsada Sor.Sommai” beautifully. In this battle, he must act like a senior. Waiting to welcome the rising star “Nueng Ubon, Wan of Om MBK” who used to hold an unbeaten record for almost 2 years, this time, “Nueng Ubon” intends to come and square off in a 3 round Muay Thai format. For the first time in this program.

Rack v. Nicholas

As for the international main event, Rak Erawan, the 22-year-old combat boxer from Pattani, is ready to return to thrill the fans once again, as he takes on Nicolas Leite Silva, the dynamic 19-year-old fighter from Brazil. In the Muay Thai rules, the specified weight (catch weight) is 116 pounds.

For Rak, his last fighting performance was that he was able to overcome the first foreign opponent in his life, Shoto Sato, ready to become another fighter who managed to win a bonus worth more than 1 million baht. Coming back this time, he will have to face his opponent who once lost to “Songchai Noi Kiatsongrit” as well as “Nicholas” who in this battle is ready to come back and fight with all his strength. Hoping to make a name and be able to give birth

In addition, there will also be a clash of action figures between “Sakaengam Jitmuangnon” and “Chatphichit MP Toi Paet Riw” including “Sulaiman Luk Suan” the grateful fist from Myanmar, hoping to return to form and meet “Tomoki Sato”. Fast-paced shooter from Japan.

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Program for every match in ONE Lumpini 63

  • Main match: Yudvova Wiman Er vs. Suner Sen (Muay Thai, bantamweight 135-145 lbs)
  • Secondary Match: Sanvit S. Salaship vs. Noeng Opun Wan of Ohm MBK (Muay Thai, catch weight 130 lbs).
  • Sakaingam Jeetmuangnon vs. Chatvitchit Sor.Toy Byte Ryu (Muay Thai, catch weight 113 lbs)
  • Pansak W. Wanthawi vs. Phonsanay S. Phumibat (Muay Thai, catch weight 127 lbs)
  • Pathak Aik Senpai Muay Thai vs Tuangsap Sur Salachep (Muay Thai, catch weight 128 lbs)
  • Chatbayak Sak Satun vs. Mowgli Chor.agalapon (Muay Thai, catch weight 126 lbs)
  • Rak Erawan vs. Nicholas Lett Silva (Muay Thai, catch weight 116 lbs)
  • Suleiman Luxwan vs. Tomoki Sato (Muay Thai, flyweight 125-135 lbs)
  • Silvio Vitez vs. Kimura Ayumu (Thai Flyweight 125-135 lbs)
  • Gregor Diack Tom vs. Taku Kondo (Muay Thai, catch weight 136 lbs)
  • Kazakhstanbay Tailinov vs. Suleiman Suleimanov (mixed fight) bantamweight 135 – 145 lbs.)
  • David Cook vs. Kohei Takigami (Mixed Fight (Featherweight 115 – 125 lbs.)

ONE Lumpini Fight 63 will be broadcast live from Lumpini Boxing Stadium (Ramintra) on Friday, May 17. Fans of Thai martial arts can book tickets to enter the stadium via Home Thai tickets The first match starts at 7:30 pm, and can be watched on the various channels as follows:

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