What was said about promoters trying to book suspended AEW stars

An AEW talent who found himself suspended for a notorious notorious Backstage brawl at AEW All Out She will reportedly not be able to participate in gigs in other leagues. According to a report in Dan Metzler Wrestling Newsletterwrestlers are unable to work elsewhere due to their career status within AEW – not only are they stars in the ring, but some of them also hold executive vice president positions at Tony Khan’s company.

“Talents during the suspension are not allowed to operate anywhere, since all their outward reservations go through Khan and the office, since all their outward reservations go through Khan and the office,” Metzler wrote. “Punk is a moot point due to injury but there are promoters who are interested in at least one if not all of the major shows and have been told they are not available until the suspensions expire.”

Metzler added that the only way for AEW wrestlers to work elsewhere would be if they didn’t work with Khan.

“Of course if anyone is abandoned, he can go anywhere he wants once he is not being paid under his contract,” he continued. “Khan made a general rule of not letting people go until their contracts expire, although there are exceptions for out-of-the-ring behavior like Jimmy Havoc.”

Punk, Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, and Ace Steel were still on hold, while Christopher Daniels, Pat Buck, Brandon Cutler, and Michael Nakazawa It has since been cleared. Omega was in Japan last week for the Tokyo Game Show as part of the AEW representative team, but due to his suspension he was removed from AEW’s activities at the event.

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