What did Seththa encounter in one month?

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Take a look at what Chief Minister Sitha has done in one month and what are the risks ahead.

October 11 is a whole monthGovernment of Sita Thaweesin Managing the country since the government policy was announced on September 11, 2023, it has been a month and more than 10 days, we will see how. What happened?

+++The Prime Minister traveled on the Thai external route.

Since assuming the position of Prime Minister Sita Thaweesin Traveling to meet people non-stop by going down to meet and talk with people in various fields, on the one hand it is a trip according to government policy. But in other words it is about creating a direction within the Prime Minister for the people. To get popular votes

Besides in Thailand Prime Minister Sita She still travels abroad whether for international conferences or to strengthen relationships

Start by leading the group to fly across the sky.New York City, United States To perform important tasks on the world stage for the first time to participate in the meetingUnited Nations General Assembly, seventy-eighth regular session (UNGA 78) From September 18 to 24, we met with Prime Minister Sita. Show your skills in making statements in English with 100% confidence.

Later, the flightCambodiaOfficially on September 28 to introduce himself on the occasion of accepting the new position. Including strengthening relations and cooperation in various fields, it is considered the first ASEAN member country that the 30th Prime Minister of Thailand has chosen to visit.

Even later, there were visits to Hong Kong SAR, Brunei Darussalam, Malaysia and the Republic of Singapore. Official between October 8-12, 2023

Recently, he made an official visit to the People’s Republic of China. To participate in the Third Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation (BRF) in Beijing, People’s Republic of China.

It continued with a trip to Riyadh. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to attend the ASEAN-GCC Summit

+++Issuing measures to appease the people

The Seetha government was quick to take various measures to appease the people, viz

The Ministry of Energy “freezes” the price of diesel at a rate not exceeding 30 pounds per liter, from September 20 until December 31, 2023, using two mechanisms: the excise tax. With the fuel fund, as for gasoline, it is currently studying ways to “target” assistance to vulnerable groups.

– The Cabinet has reduced the electricity tariff for electricity consumers for the period September-December 2023 to 3.99 baht per unit, and electricity users who have previously paid for electricity for the period September 2023 will receive a discount on their electricity bill as follows. He said in the next billing cycle in October of this year.

– Suspension of debts for farmers for 3 years and for SMEs affected by the Corona virus for 1 year. There is also a project that allows farmers to obtain capital to advance their careers, not to exceed 100,000 baht each.

– BTS 20 baht by the Cabinet A measure to cap the maximum fare price of 20 baht throughout the line has been approved for suburban train on the Red Line, Nakhon Puthi Line (Krungthep Apiwat – Taling Chan) and Thani Rataya Line. (Bangkok Apiwat – Rangsit), affiliated with the Thai Electricity Authority. And the metro Chalong Ratchadham Line (Purple Line) of the Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand to help ease the burden of living expenses on people.

+++ Points cut for one month is 3 points.

1) The Prime Minister received a grade for his leadership qualities.

Due 1 month ago Unable to measure performance but you can evaluate the Prime Minister in terms of leadership. By looking at many situations, such as the Siam Paragon shooting incident. The Prime Minister sent a direct line to the ambassadors of China, Laos and Myanmar to express his regret and apology for the incident. When the incident is resolved then the Prime Minister will head to the scene. So the next day the Prime Minister went to inaugurate the event at Paragon. To build trust between people

Take another example. It was a trip to the UN meeting last month. In addition to meeting world leaders, Prime Minister Seetha also took this opportunity. Invite international businessmen to invest in Thailand, for example, after speaking with them Iron musk CGO Tesla via teleconferencing system said that the Thai government is willing to support investment within the current incentive framework, as the Tesla side praised the human resources potential in Thailand. Which is suitable for Tesla investment

2) Who is the minister who stands out?

1 month ago Probably the most distinguished minister Chadha Thisit Deputy Minister of Interior because he was assigned by the Prime Minister, including the Minister of Interior, to be responsible for important work. Such as eliminating influential people, including the use of administrative power, eliminating illegal things and vices with such matters. This raises the question in the account: Using influencers, will the deer-washing process for influential people be effective, while Mr. Shada confirmed that he knows how to deal with influential people. I believe this work will be completed.

3) The minister is in the wrong place.

give her Phumitam Wichachai The Deputy Prime Minister and Commerce Minister described it as really the wrong place. Because of the work assigned to Phumidhamma there is only political work, such as being the head of the committee to study the guidelines for the referendum. While the MOC is not very great for the scenery.

+++ Hot topic: Appointment of police chief.

When is the weather hottest for PM Setha? It happened on September 27, 2023. Police Civil Service Bureau (Police Bureau) With Sitha Thaweesen as president, he decided on the appointment Police General Torsak Sukimon He became the 14th National Police Commissioner (Police Chief) after the first part of the meeting decided to postpone the appointment.

Later General Seripsut Tamiawit Leader of the Thai Seri Ruam Party Send a letter The NACC will prosecute Sita Thavisin, the Prime Minister, in his capacity as Chairman of the National Police Commission, and a total of 10 people carrying out appointment duties The Chief of Police contravenes Article 258 D (4) of the Constitution which allows the independence of the police reform in its work. Having assurance in compensation and hiring using a merit system allows police officers to work freely and effectively

Therefore, it is the first lawsuit against Prime Minister Sita while performing his duties since he began performing his duties.

+++A difficult question for the Sitha government

1) Crisis of confidence

Because of the government’s economic situation, it is a transpolar government. Thus creating a state of mistrust among people. Which affects government policy and administration when people do not have the confidence to move forward with things it is difficult.

2) Budget

As of today, the draft of the Budget Expenditure Bill for FY 2024 has just begun. Prime Minister Sitha had just given the budget preparation policy a few days ago. He is expected to enter Parliament early next year. So, there will be a big problem in moving forward with different projects. Especially the projects for which campaigns were conducted.

3) Digital Money Project, Risk Points

Despite such a project this would be one that the Pheu Thai Party has campaigned on. It was certified by the Election Commission, but now we can see that the aforementioned project is under attack every day. Since it is a project with a budget of 5.6 billion baht, there is still no guarantee that it will bring benefits worth the investment, so this digital money distribution project will therefore be a risk point for the government. Similar to the rice pledge project in the past

4) Thaksin, Government Weaknesses

Currently, society is waiting to see whether there will be a law to stop the punishment.Thaksin Shinawatra Former Prime Minister or not, after the royal sentence was reduced to one year in prison, but in fact, until today, Thaksin has not been imprisoned even for a single day. Because he was considered sick and old, he was staying in the hospital to receive treatment. The case of Thaksin’s return without punishment makes society question the standards of the Thai justice process. It inevitably affects government confidence

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