Wedding Timeline The Joathip Brothers In The Heart Of Deva Brahma When Will I Get Married?

The promise between the two families Juthathep and Thevaphrom gradually end up together happily and the young men and women find the love that the grandfather was waiting for for his grandchildren. The two families are linked and will not break their families' promise. But did you know that the heir to the Gothatheb family (the children) in the heart of Deva Brahma gets married first? Let's take a look at the marriage arrangement of the Uthathep brothers.

(This article contains spoilers. If you want to avoid this, you can skip this article.)

The first pair: photothanite – lorgan

ML Phuthanet Juthathep or Khun Phu, eldest son of MR Ratchanon and Chao Soi Fa, married Chao Laochan. After marriage, Laoshan will become Gothathep na Ayutthaya.

Ronjak-Jayvisut is married

Second marriage: Ronagak-Jayvisut

Police Captain MR Runachak Jotathip or Khun Chak, the eldest son of MR Runachak and Viangkwan, married Jai Visut. After marriage, Jai Visot became Jotathip na Ayutthaya.

Marriage of Asira - Duke Apsara

The third couple: Captive – Dogabasorn

Major Mam Luang Asir Jotathip or Khun Pech, the eldest son of Mam Rajawongse Tharathorn and Mam Luang Rawi Rambai, married Dawg Absorn. After marriage, he would become Dawg Absorn Jotathip na Ayutthaya.

Chatklao - Quanrothai Marriage

Fourth marriage: Chatclaw-Quanrothai

Major Dr. M. L. Chatklao Gotathip or Khun Chat, the eldest son of M. R. Putipat and Kronkawi, married Kwanruthai after marriage, and Kwanrutai became Gotathip na Ayutthaya.

Suj - Shiwan marriage

Last pair: Sarut – Shiwan

Mother Luang Suruj Gotathip or Khun Suruj, the only child of MR Pawarot and mother Princess Wanarasa, married Chiwan (Phun Quan). After marriage, Quan will become Jotatep na Ayutthaya.

The wedding will begin during Duj Apsorn's story so fans can't wait to find out how amazing each couple's wedding will be!

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