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Weapon: France will strengthen its military capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region


Currently in Singapore, Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Leghorn has announced that “6 new maritime patrol boats will be permanently deployed in the Indo-Pacific region by 2025.”

Sebastien Lekorn participates in the Asia-Pacific Shangri-La Dialogue on Security and Security.

Sebastien Lekorn participates in the Asia-Pacific Shangri-La Dialogue on Security and Security.


Despite the crisis in Ukraine, France will strengthen and modernize its military presence in the Asia-Pacific region, Armed Forces Minister Sebastien Lekorn said in Singapore on Saturday.

“There are fears among our partners that the crisis in Ukraine could divert us from the Indo-Pacific region and lead the French Republic to withdraw its obligations in the Indo-Pacific region,” the minister said. The Asia-Pacific Security and Security Forum was asked in the presence of the audience during the Shangri-La dialogue.

Next year, he said, “6 new submarine patrol boats in the Indo-Pacific region, including two in the Pacific this year, one in New Caledonia and the other in Polynesia, will be permanently stationed by 2025 to strengthen and modernize our capabilities” for surveillance and sovereignty. ” .

In addition to the modernized capabilities, France will have 2 more patrol boats in the region by 2025, as the existing four patrol boats will be replaced by newer models. 5 new, modern models will be replaced in the Pacific region.

A sovereign mission in the Pacific this year is planned, with the integrated deployment of “Pégase 22”, Rafale and A400 M military transport aircraft.

“French forces will continue to participate in a number of multidisciplinary exercises to show France’s involvement in the stability of the Asia-Pacific region, and to maintain some significant presence in the region,” he said.

“Against any state”

The French strategy in the region is “not directed against any state” but supports multilateral security arrangements. The Minister recalled that this is how France wants to join the ADMM + Defense Organization, which unites the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries and eight major powers in the region, including China and the United States.

France saw its strategy of establishing itself in the Asia-Pacific region, last year when Australia terminated a mega deal to buy French submarines and was shocked by the announcement of a strategic alliance. , Aukus, This country, between the United States and the United Kingdom In the face of increasing tensions with China. Notice of significant net contract Saturday should allow renewed cooperation with Australia between Canberra and the French submarine fleet.


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