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An actor’s potential is an illusion that many actors try to jump off. Because sometimes we may be familiar with the same working style, language or even the same environment. So getting yourself out of the box is a challenge. Breaking through boundaries is an important testimony for everyone in every dimension. Today, Vogue takes a closer look at the language barriers facing the lead actor of Philip, which over the course of two hours tells the intense life story of a Jew during World War II in a language he’s never spoken before.

Eric Colm Jr The 33-year-old Polish actor is the subject of our story today. Most of his works are in Polish entertainment. His fame is not great at the international level. If the movie Filip had not been released on Netflix many people may not have had the opportunity to learn about him at all. But when orbit brought us to experience Eric’s magic. It can be seen right away that he is a quality actor. Able to convey heavy stories he combines human nature very well. It would not be wrong to call him a good actor in the Polish entertainment industry. This movie made his name more famous.

The story of Philip, a fictional character written by Leopold Termand, a Polish writer struggling during World War II, imagines Leopold as a Jewish immigrant amid the chaos of Warsaw, the country’s capital. Philip was aware of the loss and brutality of Nazi Germany. Survive and disguise yourself as a foreigner to work in a luxury hotel in the center of Frankfurt. The Heart of Nazism This challenge required Eric to study the character extensively and led him to face the most difficult film preparation process of his life.

Although Eric was Polish from countries bordering Germany, the language used was completely different, and at that time he had never spoken German before in his life. There is only the local language and a little French. Thus began Eric’s stone work. Because he had to learn a new language to act in a film that was almost entirely narrated in German. It also combines the use of different languages ​​according to the timing of the letters. This meant that he had to take on the role of a French hotel employee who could speak German fluently. You will also be able to choose the tone of the language that suits different situations. Which passes into life appropriately as well

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The linguistic challenge is very important. Because as we mentioned above, memorizing lines in another language may be somewhat difficult. But the choice of tone of voice, set of words accompanying the performance, and many other elements make this a stone’s work. Eric had to prepare for the long shoot of the film. “The preparation for this film was long and intense,” he revealed. “It’s a role that requires a lot of dedication.” In addition to his German, he also had to brush up on his French to have a natural, likable accent for the role. If Eric doesn’t have enough talent for the blessings, he certainly That he wouldn’t be able to present Philip’s character in such a profound way.

Eric’s preparation wasn’t just about language. He also has to learn other skills, such as tap dancing and the dancing he performs early in the film. Or to gain weight and build muscle to fit Philippe, a handsome man who was a symbol of war resistance? Eric’s intensity is what makes the film so perfect. Imagine having to carry on a conversation in a language you’ve never spoken before in a variety of situations. Since service quarrels, teasing, flirting, falling in love, or even when sad. How hard is it?

Filip, Filip Netflix, Filip movie, watch Filip online

Eric’s previous boundaries were shattered and a new dimension emerged in his acting career. The film not only presents a fictional story inspired by real history. But it also shows the versatility and dedication of the male hero to the fullest extent. He can play in every position, every movement feels natural. Ranging from relaxed to relaxed mood. It is a general nature. Due to the severity of the suppression of all forms of emotion, although this film does not contain a famous epic, but if you have the opportunity, we recommend that you watch the intensity of this film and experience Eric’s acting skill and the results of his hard work at least once. Guarantee that you will definitely not be disappointed.

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