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During year-end celebrations like these, brands come up with stylish ideas mixed with interesting styles in different aspects. Come to attract customers to choose the brand as their end-of-year gifting option for important people. Some brands have picked up on cute ideas. Invite smiles to be the main focus, like Burberry with the concept of shooting a campaign using dogs and ducks. (Read more here) Or was it Dior that chose unique patterns and colors to clearly convey the magic of the celebration? On the other hand, a brand like Versace has another idea that is sure to attract attention.

The way we’re talking about this is using celebrity brand ambassadors as champions for end-of-year campaigns. What’s better than getting a special gift for your favorite artist? Versace has chosen Stray Kids’ Hyunjin, a brand ambassador who was just appointed in mid-2023, to be the focus of its year-end celebration campaign. Also focusing on premium bags made from organic materials. It is an advertising campaign for a famous Italian brand that uses Hyunjin’s appeal to raise the profile of the campaign and important elements at the same time.

Hyunjin also saw the importance of this special occasion and viewed it as a moment of happiness. When he revealed that the magic of Versace was what he wanted the holiday to be, he thanked Donatella Versace and the brand family for giving him the opportunity to participate in this important event. Meanwhile, Donatella is also excited about Hyunjin being part of the Versace family. Check out all of Hyunjin’s photos from the campaign below.


Hyunjin, Hyunjin Versace, Hyunjin brand ambassador

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Hyunjin, Hyunjin Versace, Hyunjin brand ambassador


Hyunjin, Hyunjin Versace, Hyunjin brand ambassador


Hyunjin, Hyunjin Versace, Hyunjin brand ambassador


Hyunjin, Hyunjin Versace, Hyunjin brand ambassador


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