Watch Johnny Depp’s reaction when a Disney Exec was asked if the studio had enjoyed the idea of ​​paying over ‘one million alpacas’ to Pirates of the Caribbean

With the $50 million trial of Johnny Depp in defamation against ex-wife Amber Heard marking its sixth week, another viral moment occurred during a witness’s testimony. Tina Newman, a production executive at Walt Disney Studios, was asked about a possible comeback Pirates of the Caribbean Referring to an earlier quote from Depp about an alpaca, the actor broke out into some uncontrollable laughter.

Earlier in the defamation trial, when Edward Scissorhands The actor was on stage, one of Amber Heard’s attorneys, Ben Rottenborn, pointed to a previous nomination of Johnny Depp who was never played in court over his thoughts on a comeback for next movie from Pirates of the Caribbean Franchise “300 million dollars and a million alpacas” for his words, which he confirmed to be true. This week, Tina Newman was asked about this. Check out the moment in court:

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