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Wat Sothi Phuthi Nimit, Mai Pho, Vachiralai and Suphan Sports have qualified for the semi-finals of the J-League Youth Challenge tournament.

Singa Saphan Pla Wat Suthiwararam got a brace after scoring a free kick to equalise. Thonburi assumed the wrong minute before converting from a precise penalty kick to defeat Chow Sua Noi 8-7 while Kirin Junior. Ritisak Kanlaya had to wait until the Supreme Court decision was exhausted, where he fought back hard, beating Assumption Sriracha 6-5. Vachiralai, on the other hand, broke the master’s pen, with Intanon Srisumporn playing the super support role. He scored the winning goal against Debserin 1-0 as Suphanburi Provincial Sports Explosive Form beat Nakhonon Withaya Sports 6 without retreating 4-1, qualifying for the four-team final of the J-League Youth Challenge Thailand 2023 ahead of the match scheduled for November 4.

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J.LEAGUE Youth Challenge Thailand 2023 (J.LEAGUE Youth Challenge Thailand 2023) Under-16 Football Championship, Round 8, November 1-2 at Nonthaburi Wittalayi School Stadium and Mawin Stadium, Muangthong Thani.

The atmosphere on both days was full of joy. The short-legged players under 16 competed with each other with dignity. Not only that, but the sidelines were also full of parents who had come to cheer on their children, including football enthusiasts and professional footballers at Thai League level, past and present. Come join and watch the match.

By the first pair, Nonthaburi School Stadium, which assumed Thonburi College which entered the final round as champions of Group A, entered the field to meet Wat Suthiwararam School. Who entered the round as runner-up in Group B was decided on penalties by Wat Suthiwararam more accurately, winning with a total score of 8-7, leading to Thap Sing Saphan Pla reached the semi-finals as the first team, the second pair was Votinimet Wittayakom School. who qualified as champions of Group II, took to the field to meet Assumption College Sriracha. Runner-up in Group A, the match ended in a 1-1 draw, and the team decided it on penalty kicks. The final result was Bothnemit and Thayachum School, which was more accurate, won with a thrilling score of 6-5 and successfully qualified to the semi-finals.

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As for the competition at Mawin Stadium, Muang Thong Thani, there were two duos on the field, namely Debsirin School. Who entered the round as champions of Group C, Vachiralai School met the runner-up of Group D, and at the end of the match Vachiralai defeated Debsrin 1-0, successfully qualifying for the playoffs. The second match was with Nakornoon Sports School. 6, champion of Group D, took the field to meet Suphanburi Sports School. who entered the final round as runner-up in Group C at the end of the Suphanburi Provincial Sports Games. The last team to qualify for the semi-finals after defeating Nakhnon Withaya 6 Sports won 4-1.

Below is a summary of the teams that qualified for the semi-finals, led by Wat Suthiwararam School, Fotinimet Withayakhom School, Vachiralai School and Suphanburi Sports School.

do not miss! The next schedule for the J-League Thailand 2023 Youth Challenge is the semi-finals. He will take to the football field on Saturday, November 4, 2023 at Nonthaburi Wittalayi School Stadium. From 1:30pm onwards, football fans can watch the live broadcast of this tournament on Facebook Siamsport and Siamsport YouTube channel.

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