Washington releases new tranche of military aid but disapproves of “attacks on Russia”.

US releases new tranche of military aid

The United States on Wednesday unveiled new military aid to Ukraine, including missiles for air defense systems, but warned against using American weapons to attack Russia. “We have been very clear with the Ukrainians privately — and we have been publicly: We do not condone attacks in Russia,” a House National Security Council spokesman told reporters. “We will not allow attacks in Russia, we will not encourage them,” he said, before adding about the Ukrainians:

We don’t tell you where to tap. We are not saying where not to tap

As Russia ramps up its bombardment of key Ukrainian cities, the Pentagon announced in a press release that it would immediately provide additional ammunition from its stockpiles to the Patriot and Himar formations already in Kiev. Cannon. Kiev, which has announced that it is preparing a counteroffensive, will soon receive Avenger and Stinger short-range anti-aircraft systems, shells for artillery and tanks, and millions of rounds of ammunition and various ammunition for its soldiers. , citing the US Department of Defense document.

The February 2022 invasion of Ukraine brings US military aid to $37.6 billion.

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