War in Ukraine: Macron refuses to talk about “genocide”, which Zhelensky considers “extremely offensive”


Although Joe Biden and Boris Johnson did not hesitate to qualify Vladimir Putin as a genocidal dictator, the French president refuses to dive into the wording.

Does President Macron still believe in diplomacy?

Does President Macron still believe in diplomacy?


On Wednesday, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky lamented that French President Emmanuel Macron’s refusal to condemn the “genocide” perpetrated by the Russian military in Ukraine was “extremely painful.” “If they are true, such statements would hurt us a lot,” he said. Zelensky made the announcement during a joint press conference with visiting leaders of Poland, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia. “Mr. I will do everything I can to discuss with Macron. Otherwise, when he finds time tomorrow, ”Zhelensky added.

Early in the day before Russian President Vladimir Putin was accused in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron chose not to use the word “genocide” by his US envoys Joe Biden and Boris Johnson. “I would say that Russia has unilaterally unleashed a brutal war. It is now established that war crimes were committed by the Russian military. It is now necessary to find those responsible,” he said. Macron said first.

Russia talks about the “stage”

“What is happening is insane, it is incredibly brutal (…) but at the same time I see the facts, I want to try as much as possible to stop this war and rebuild peace, so I do not know if the increase in words helps for a reason,” he continued. Oleg Nikolenko, a spokesman for Ukrainian diplomacy, responded quickly to the Interfax-Ukrainian news agency by saying that Mr. Macron considered the situation “disappointing.”

On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden was the first to accuse Vladimir Putin of committing “genocide” in Ukraine. Is a word used by Zhelensky, but not by the US administration. On Wednesday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also spoke for the first time about the “genocide” in Ukraine. Russia, for its part, defends itself against the “platform” and “mistakes” planned by the Ukrainians and harms it.


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