War in Ukraine – “Killing the enemy is not a sin”


To the forefathers of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, “Whoever comes to us with a sword will die by this sword.”

According to Metropolitan Epiphany, protecting his family and his country was not a sin.

According to Metropolitan Epiphany, protecting his family and his country was not a sin.


Metropolitan Epiphanius, one of Ukraine’s top religious officials, has taken a stand on the moral question of whether or not to kill during war. But in the current context, “murder is not a sin”, the primary decision of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

“As a nation, we do not seek the death of our neighbor,” the priest began in “Ukrajinska Pravda”. Related “Flick”. “But since they came to us, we are protecting our family, our homeland, our land. Our soldiers are protecting all Ukrainians. It is not a sin to protect and kill the enemy. And whoever comes to us with the sword will die with this sword,” he said.

However, the situation in Ukraine, where the two Orthodox Churches coexist, is complicated. The leadership of the Metropolitan Epiphany has been independent for three years. But there is also the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, which is affiliated with the Moscow Patriarchate, which clearly shows its support for the policy led by Vladimir Putin.

“Stop this fratricidal war”

However, this second Orthodox Church also distanced itself. At its head is the Metropolitan Onofre. If he did not justify killing the enemy, he saluted the Ukrainian soldiers and demanded an end to hostility.

He expressed his support for “an army that will protect and defend our land and people. May God bless and save them! In defense of Ukraine’s sovereignty and integrity, we call on the Russian President to end the fratricidal war immediately, “he added. Reported cath.ch: “Such war is not justified before God or man.”

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