War in Ukraine – Italy uses mafia assets to house refugees


More than 17,000 Ukrainians have fled the conflict that has torn their country apart and have already taken refuge in Italy. To accommodate them, Rome lists houses confiscated from the mafia.

Property seized from gangs (here in the Naples area) can accommodate Ukrainian refugees.


The interior minister said on Monday that Italian authorities had listed assets seized from the mafia. Louisiana Lamorgis said the agency, which manages assets seized from the mafia, has begun examining assets “that could be used to house refugees from Ukraine, even temporarily, in the short term.”

The Interior Ministry says 17,286 Ukrainians, mostly women and children, have arrived in Italy since the Russian military launched an offensive in Ukraine on February 24.

Although most of these refugees have sought refuge with relatives and friends, there are reportedly private and public efforts in the country to arrange shelters for many. “This is just the beginning. Hundreds of thousands of refugees are coming. We must rise to the occasion,” Democrat leader Enrico Letta said on Monday.


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