War in Ukraine – EU to supply ‘significant’ amount of weapons


European countries have begun to provide Ukraine with armed means to defend itself.

Members of the Regional Security Battalion set up a machine gun in Kiev on February 25, 2022.

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Several European officials said on Sunday that EU countries had begun supplying Ukraine with “significant” amounts of weapons to defend against a massive offensive launched by Russia.

Deliveries took place on Saturday, with others scheduled for Sunday. One of them said that they would “allow notables and Ukrainians to defend themselves”.

Integrated material

EU Foreign Minister Joseph Borel said a meeting of EU foreign ministers was convened on Sunday at 6:00 pm (GMT 5:00 pm) to coordinate European initiatives. It will be conducted by video conference.

Ministers will also discuss Saturday’s announcement of new sanctions by several countries and the European Commission, Joseph Borel added. “This includes excluding many Russian banks from the SWIFT, preventing the Russian central bank from using its international currency reserves and acting against individuals and entities that facilitate war in Ukraine,” he said.

Quick results

“Discussions by EU foreign ministers will pave the way for the speedy adoption of all legal measures required for the sanctions to take effect,” he explained.

Member states have decided to rush. One of the European officials said on Sunday that they were waiting for the commission’s proposal on financial measures and were considering urgent procedures for their adoption.

To provide weapons such as resolutions to close airspace, they are currently in operation nationally, he noted.

Weapons are taken from national stocks, but distributions are consolidated. 17 European countries have so far responded to calls from Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba, he said.

On Saturday, Germany authorized Kiev to deliver 1,400 anti-tank rocket launchers, 500 Stinger surface-to-air missiles and nine howitzers. The Netherlands announced its supply of 200 stinger, Belgium 2000 machine guns, Portuguese guns, ammunition and equipment, Czech Republic machine guns, sniper rifles and ammunition.

Led by NATO

All state concessions are communicated to NATO, which lists them.

European ministers will explore the possibility of using the “European Peace Facility”, a five billion euro financial instrument, outside the EU budget. The cap on these arms supplies, “explained one of the European leaders.

The decision requires consensus and the betting states are betting on a “constructive boycott” from their allies who could not recognize the supply of arms on Sunday, he noted.

“Europe is gaining momentum in support of the defense,” he said. “The European cap will give legal recognition to these arms supplies to neutral member states,” he explained.


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