War in Ukraine – 77-year-old grandmother arrested by eight Russian police


Artist and activist Yolina Osibova was arrested during a peace protest in St. Petersburg on Wednesday.

Beret screwed on the head, scarf around the neck, and a little woman holding two self-made marks between her hands. Surrounded by a crowd of cheering youths, she quietly raises her eyes to the eight imposing Russian policemen who have come to arrest her and chase after them without protest. The scene took place during protests in St. Petersburg on Wednesday. The heroine is Elena Osipova, a 77 – year – old Russian grandmother.

This artist and activist lived during World War II and survived as a child from the siege of Leningrad. For more than 20 years he has been speaking out against the policies of Vladimir Putin. He first protested against the Russian president’s violent reaction when Chechen commandos took 700 hostages at the Dubrovka Theater in Moscow in October 2002.

Internet users are admired and cared for

Pictures of the arrest of Elena Osipova, taken in particular Defender, Has gone viral on social networks, where internet users pay homage to his courage and fear for his health. “Arresting former war survivors is not a sign of a strong government,” said a Reddit user. “I hope she’s safe, she has more balls than any Russian officer,” said another user. “This girl has seen more hell than any of us can imagine.”

The NGO says Elena Osipova was one of 7,600 people arrested for protesting against the war in Russia since February 24. OVD-information. On Tuesday, a Russian activist condemned the arrest of children under the age of 10 Put flowers In front of the Ukrainian Embassy in Moscow.


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